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"When I first heard about this product, well frankly, I thought to myself 'this is probably just snake oil.' I was very suspicious. So I went out to Los Angeles and interviewed people who had used it, and looked at their medical histories, and I became a believer. Without a doubt, people are being helped." **

Dr. Don Boys, PhD., Indiana-Former Member, House of Representatives, Columnist for USA Today- Bio/Tech News 1993

Body Biotic Q & A

December 28, 2011

NOTE: Regarding product expiration: The date stamped on the bottle is the manufactured date. There is a lot number and then the letters MFG and then a date. This means "Manufacturing date 01/10". Body Biotics has a 5 year shelf life, so it would expire on 01/15. In the US, you cannot put an expiration date longer than 3 years, so we put the manufactured date because the actual shelf life exceeds this rule.


  1. What are SBO Probiotics?

    SBOs arebeneficial strains of foreign but friendly soil-based bacteria (SBO's.) These essential friendly bacteria use to be a regular part of our normal daily diet until the end of the 19th century. Around that time, began the introduction of pesticides, chemicals, and food processing, which quickly diminished the "farm to table" ingestion of raw fruits and vegetables containing these life- sustaining organisms. When these friendly organisms were ingested, on a regular basis, as a natural part of our daily food source, they acted as a buffer to safeguard and maintain a healthy natural intestinal flora (friendly bacteria.) They were helpful to our overall wellbeing by producing benefits in the body, such as, the natural production of our own antibodies boosting the immune system, improved digestion, greater absorption of all nutrients, and most importantly; they worked to rid the body of disease causing pathogens (disease causing organisms) and other deadly toxins.

  2. What is a PREbiotic?

    A term coined long after their discovery, (by Prof. Gibson & colleague, Dr. Marcel Roberfroid of Louvain University in Brussels, 1995.) The word is generally defined as consisting of non-digestible food fibers which stimulate the growth and activity of certain bacteria in the intestines. Therefore, a PREbiotic must escape digestion in the up GI tract so that it can be released in the lower tract to be used by beneficial microorganisms in the colon. PREbiotics consist mainly of oligosaccharides (sugar molecules of 3-6 chains and soluble fiber) that coat mucus membranes and are found in plants, saliva, and breast milk. This could be a significant reason why breast-fed babies are healthier, they are being naturally provided the ingredients necessary to fight off harmful organisms and help increase the development of beneficial ones. Unlike, PRObiotics, PREbiotic carbohydrates are not destroyed when cooked.

  3. Why are Prebiotics Important?

    To be effective, PRObiotics need PREbioticswholefood nutrients to encourage PRObiotic organisms to survive and thrive in the human gut. Beneficial bacteria must be introduced in the diet, daily, and fed proper food to help them to adhere to the intestinal wall, rather than to simply pass through the digestive tract. By maintaining a healthy balance of friendly bacteria, a “crowding out” of undesirable organisms, known as competitive exclusion, promotes better gut integrity and function, increases immune function, and improves absorption. There is mounting scientific evidence that the symbiotic relationship between PREbiotics & PRObiotics significantly contribute to improved health.

  4. Why do you call your Probiotics an SBO Probiotics Consortia?

    All Probiotics originate from the soil and are found in teams of multiple strains, also known as, a Consorita. Most manufacturers isolate each individual strain and remove them from their natural environment and then culture them, individually, on some other form of substrate to grow them in large numbers called CFUs (colony forming units.) They are then extracted and freeze dried for future use. While this process works to multiple the organisms by the billions, it does not necessarily produce strong, healthy, and hardy strains because they have been removed from their symbiotic relationship with nature and each other. In contrast, Body Biotics preserves the integrity of nature by culturing a selected, proven safe group of organisms (a consortia) in their natural food source (a host medium or substrate of humic and fulvic acids, vitamins and trace minerals.) These organisms, over a period of time, are nourished and trained to work in harmony (symbiotic relationship) with each other for the ultimate benefit of the human body. Once they are mature, this process creates a superbreed of organisms (a Seals Team if you will) that are then naturally dried (never freeze-dried) and encapsulated in this same food source. They are never removed from their food source; therefore they are always alive and thriving.

  5. What are the host medium minerals and trace elements?

    The "host medium" is the food supply for the organisms. It sustains their life pre-ingestion and provides the necessary nutrition post-ingestion to keep them alive and thriving. The broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements; although they are a constant reminder to the body to produce and absorb these various elements, their primary purpose is to feed and nourish the microorganisms (friendly bacteria) in our product. Body Biotics, by itself, is not a substitute for the requirement/needs of a good daily multiple, such as those provided by our Life's Green Essentials.

  6. What kind of veggies are the capsules made out of?

    Our veggie caps are made from A. Pullulan, a polysaccharide polymer produced from fungi grown on a starch substrate, much like a mushroom growing on fertile ground. It is very natural edible, mostly tasteless polymer, often used in the manufacture of edible films that are used for various natural breath fresheners.

  7. What makes Body Biotics different from other Probiotics?

    Body Biotics does not require refrigeration, it is encapsulated in a proprietary natural food source, it is a Prebiotics and a Probiotic, it has never been freeze-dried, it is cultured in natural consortia of soil borne organisms, it is dormant, alive and thriving; and it has a shelf life of 5 years.

  8. What is a CFU?

    CFU's (Colony Forming Units) is a clever marketing gimmick to disguise the truth. If the Probiotics are alive at the time they were manufactured but have no food source to sustain them, they are alive and dying. If you read the fine print, the label should read xx billions of bacteria (CFU's) at time of manufacturing or something to that effect. There is no way for you, the consumer, to know how many you actually are consuming at the time of ingestion. And, even if you are consuming xx billion CFU's, if they are not packaged in their food source, they will not be able to reconstitute themselves and multiple before they are dead in the intestinal tract. That doesn't mean that you want receive some benefit, however, do not expect any profound changes in your overall health. The truth is, you need to look for Probiotics that are alive and dormant, thriving on their own natural food source. Living dormant Probiotics may or may not use the term CFU's because they know that is simply a marketing gimmick and has little to do with finding the best Probiotics Supplement.

  9. Is it kosher certified?

    Body Biotics is not kosher certified. but we believe it would be considered kosher, as there are no animal by products, no dairy, no additives, no salt, no sugar, no glutens, no fillers of any kind in our product. It is naturally cultured in a humic/fulvic acid substrate in a pristine environment and encapsulated in a natural veggie cap.

  10. Is it dirt?

    No. The original discovery was made by observing above ground plant growth. Investigation indicated that the unusually healthy plant growth was owing to the organisms in the soil. Soil samples were tested and the organisms were identified, isolated, and bred to a point of purity and contaminant free strains and those laboratory pure strains were and are used to cultivate today's product.

  11. Does it have wheat, soy, dairy, yeast, salt, egg, sugar, or any kind of fillers?

    No, Body Biotics is pure and natural. Nothing has been added to alter nature.

  12. How does it survive in hydrochloric acid in the stomach?

    Some of the organisms actually have an affinity for a more acidic environment. But that notwithstanding, these organisms have lived in nature and been consumed by humans since the beginning of time. And by natural order, transit successfully. (For example if you take a pond that is teaming with algae one year and then the next there is a drought. You can't see the algae organisms, but none the less, they are dormant awaiting nature to revive them all over again.) This process has occurred for millions of years, and by using our natural process to create Body Biotics, we have incorporated these same principles to provide a safe, natural, effective Probiotics Consortia.

  13. Why do you have to continue taking them for life, don't they reproduce?

    As it relates to endogenous organisms, life style, diet, environment, medical history, genetics can all affect the SBO's ability to implant and reproduce, and generally speaking, as well as we can live life, we should still be better served by supplementing our intestinal flora. Beyond that reason, the soil based component of Body Biotics is transient, does not implant and needs to be constant and needs to be constantly replaced. For most of America that needed replacement is not going to be available in our normal food supply.

  14. Why does Body Biotics not require refrigeration?

    Most Probiotics are separated from their food source. They are considered alive and active, which means, as any life form, they are also dying. Refrigeration retards the dying process, providing greater longevity. Body Biotics, in contrast, is dormant, alive and thriving in its own natural food source, as in nature, until ingested and activated by saliva, juice or water. Refrigeration is not required for greater longevity.

  15. Why is it so expensive?

    The custom culturing process of this produce provides the end user with a custom made superior superbreed of Probiotics Consortia. We are not an off-the shelf bleed of individual freeze-dried organisms that have no symbiotic relationship with each other. The safety, quality, and efficacy of Body Biotics have been offered to consumers around the world for more than 35 years. It is time-tested and money-back guaranteed.

  16. Can I take it during pregnancy and/or nursing?

    As a generalization: If you have been taking the product for 3-6 months or more before conception, then you should have gone through the natural detox and cleaning stage; therefore, you may continue use. If not, Body Biotics is not intended or recommended for use during pregnancy or nursing. The detoxing and cleansing process natural to taking this product could be stressful or harmful for, both, you and the baby. However. we do highly recommend Body Biotics for any woman who wishes to get pregnant, as the cleansing and detox process will greatly prepare the body for a more healthy microflora (microbiata) that is passed on to a newborn child.

  17. Do digestive enzyme supplements help/hurt?

    Body Biotics will help provide the co-factors necessary to help boost production of your own natural enzyme activity, resulting in better digestion of your food. However, If you are currently taking enzyme supplements, you should continue using them until you have been on Body Biotics for several month. In most cases, customer have been able to cut back to 1-3 a day based on eating habits. Body Biotics is not a substitute for the body's nutritional deficiencies.

  18. Can I continue taking/ reduce/ eliminate vitamin and mineral supplements?

    Body Biotics is NOT a substitute for other nutritional needs. Body Biotics, in time, may allow for greater nutritional absorption/utilization to permit a reduction in quantity of daily supplementation to as much as 50% less. (For example: many people need enzyme supplementation. However, because of the nature of our product and how is works with your body to do its own job, many people have been able to reduce their enzyme intake down from 2 or 3 per meal to 1 or 2 a day. You will notice, over time, that Body Biotics sets the body up to function more fully and thereby absorb and utilize all nutrition/supplements more fully and completely.

  19. Will an occasional alcoholic drink or coffee kill the entire flora?


  20. Should I change my diet?

    Consult with your prescribing physician. A whole food diet is always beneficial to your overall wellbeing.

  21. Will it interfere with other medications? Can you take this if you are taking heart medication?

    Consult with your prescribing physician (it generally does not interfere, however you may start absorbing more of the medicine, so consult with your physician on this matter.)
  22. Does it help fight infection anywhere in the body or only in the digestive tract?

    The initial and greatest impact is in the GI tract which represents about 80% of your immune functions, therefore, it will eventually become systemic.

  23. Can you take more than 6 per day, as when treating Candida infection?

    It is safe to take as many as 18 or 20 a day, or more as needed. There is no health risk with a greater amount, but every person has their own experience and it is difficult to say in any individual case, if there would be an increased benefit proportionate to the cost.

  24. Why does it have to be taken 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal? Does it still work if I take with a meal? Right after a meal? Without food?

    It can be taken at anytime. When taken before a meal, the solid food helps drag the product through the system.

  25. Can I take 3 at one time per day and get the same results as 1 before 3 meals?


  26. What are the possible "side effects" of detoxing and how long will they last?

    The type or intensity of any reaction will depend on the condition of the GI tract of the individual consumer and what the product responses to in their system. Intensity of detox responses (which tell you the product is working) will vary from person to person. Most important thing to remember, if the detox is too much at any given time, simply back down one capsule a day until the response eases.

  27. If you do not detox, how do you know if it is working?

    Some people are very sensitive and know ever movement in the body, others are busy and less aware. If you fall into the second category, here is what I would tell you: It is a known fact that 80% of our immune function takes place in the GI tract, therefore, 80% of your wellbeing gets its start there. If you have ever had a little as one round of antibiotics, your gut has been compromised. I would say to you, whether you feel anything or not, trust that your body NEEDS a good Probiotic. Even if you only take 2 or 3 a day, on Faith; you are protection your long-term health.

  28. When should I expect to see results, when will it starting working?

    It starts working immediately. "When/results" is not possible to know ahead of time. Some people notice with one capsule, others after a few days, or weeks.

  29. I have been taking it for 6 months and cannot see a difference, why?

    What were you expecting to see, what is your barometer? The organisms communicate within the body and the body responses, as needed. Its priority and your desires may not be the same. What we have learned about is this Probiotic, is that it has its own way of knowing what the most critical needs of the body are and seems to address those needs first. Overtime, as the body is more balanced and restored, you should see more and more symptoms subside.

  30. Does it help you lose weight?

    It helps the body better absorb and utilize its nutrition. It helps with metabolism. Consequently this may help an underweight person gain, or an overweight person lose, but it is not a weight loss/gain product and should not be purchased for that reason.

  31. Does it help kill parasites, yeast, fungus, and mold?


  32. Does it help with constipation or diarrhea?

    Yes, eventually, but may initially cause either to increase before becoming more regular. This all depends on what unfriendly bacteria are encounter in the gut by the SBO Probiotics Consortia.

  33. Can it cause constipation?

    It encourages the body to disgorge itself of all contaminants and accumulated build up. It is possible that this could happen too rapidly. If this occurs, simply take less of the product each day. For example if you are on 3 a day when the symptoms intensify, back down to 2 a day for a few days and then go back up when things start to shift.

  34. Does Body Biotics help with cystic fibrosis, cancer, aids, Crones, Lou Gehrig's, and other serious diseases?

    Body Biotics is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease. Body Biotics helps to restore balance between the friendly bacteria and unfriendly bacteria (pathogens) in your GI tract where 80% of your immune function takes place. So if you are addressing 80% of the immune system every day, your end results put the body in condition to protect and defend itself.

  35. Does shipping in the summer heat kill them?

    Heat does not kill them; it's a living organisms that can live anywhere a human can live. However, a controlled environment of less than 160 degrees F is preferable.

  36. Package was left in the freezing weather, is it still good?

    Freezing does not harm this product.

  37. Does chlorinated/fluorinated water kill them?

    Neither is helpful, but would not be totally destructive. However, for optimal results we suggest everybody should have a source for pure, contaminant/chemical free water.

  38. Will x-rays (in airports) kill them?


  39. Is the dose for children determined by their weight?

    Use of the Children Chewable Body Biotics it is determined by age. For ages; 0-3 one tablet daily, (if the Mother has been on the Body Biotics before and during pregnancy,) ages: 3-6 two tablets daily, and ages: 6-12 two to four tablets daily.

  40. Is the dose for pets determined by their weight?

    By age and weight, small animals start with 1/4 or 1/2 capsule then increases slowly to 1 per day. Large animals start with 1 and increases slowly to 2-3 per day.

  41. Would taking an herbal parasite cleanse kill the Body Biotics?

    A parasite cleanse should not be necessary. It may not be hospitable to the Body Biotics, but at the same time would not do great damage to the probiotic colonies in the intestines.

  42. Can I take it with antibiotics, or do I stop completely and wait until I finish the antibiotics? Then do I have to start over with one a day?

    It is best to stop taking the Body Biotics until the antibiotic dose is finished. As you know, antibiotics will kill all bacteria, good and bad, so it is best to finish the dose of antibiotics and then resume with Body Biotics. Some people prefer to continue taking them, but it seems to be a waste since they will only be destroyed by the antibodies. Once finished with the antibiotic, you can start with 3 a day, and if you don't have any Detox then you can take the amount you were taking before. Basically, you won't be off of them long enough for any bad bacteria to establish in your body, so it shouldn't be a problem to start where you left off.

  43. If I have Crones and am currently taking the Body Biotics and is up to 9 a day. Is there is a suggested or certain amount someone like me should be taking?

    Some of our customers with the same issue have safely taken up to 20 a day. If you feel your body needs the extra support, you may want to keep ramping up to a higher dose until your symptoms begin to lessen. You will clearly have to be the judge of what your body can handle. If you get constipated at any point. you will need to reduce the dose or add the Aloe Pure from time to time to keep everything moving in a healthy manner.

  44. Can Body Biotics get rid of Hemorrhoids?

    What causes hemorrhoids? Too much pressure on the veins in the pelvic and rectal area causes hemorrhoids. Normally, tissue inside the anus fills with blood to help control bowel movements. If you strain to move stool, the increased pressure causes the veins in this tissue to swell and stretch. This can cause hemorrhoids. Overtime and indirectly through the improved friendly flora in the gut, the Body Biotics should aid the body by improving the flora balance and thereby helping the body in resolving or minimizing this problem. It is not Body Biotics directly that is making the improvement; it is the addressing of the gut flora that thereby relieves the immune system to go after more challenging issues in the body. The benefits are directly to the gut and indirectly to the underlying symptom via improved immune function.

  45. Why do I seem hungrier when I take more than one of the Body Biotics?

    You are getting hungry from taking two because at the dose the Body Biotics are starving out the unfriendly, so they start craving more sweets and junk foods to stay alive, this is uncomfortable, but certainly good news because your body is quickly responding to even just one capsule you have got to find a way to push through and at least get up to 3-4 a day for long term improvement in the gut flora, by doing this the body will begin to address many other hidden issues.

  46. I noticed Lactoferrin is not in the ingredient list for probiotics, can you tell me is this product worth taking for iron deficiencies? From what I have read about it, it sounds like one cannot be without it?

    Regarding lactoferrin, it is not in the ingredient list because it is a by-product of the formula so it can’t be listed. But…if you will notice, in the supplement panel we list 3 mg (15%) of iron. More important is the way Body Biotics helps the body to deal with all iron by sequestering it away from the unfriendly bacteria and pathogens and only releasing it to the proper receptors that feed and support the body. Personally, I would not take a product that is just promoted as Lactoferrin. We get a lot of iron from our diets, the problem generally is that our body is not absorbing it properly or it becomes food for the unfriendly bacteria. This is one reason that our Probiotic is so important. If your Doctor insist that you take an iron supplement….do so while taking Body Biotics and have your doctor check your levels in about 6 weeks….you should be able to omit it from your daily routine. Also, the iron in our product is a critical substance required to help sustain the life of the SBO's, as well as, all of life.

  47. I was wondering about die off regarding the probiotic (re Candida) do you know of something good that helps with that? I have heard FOS if naturally derived is helpful, do you know anything about that?

    Regarding die off…when you take an effective Probiotic, like Body Biotics, if you ramp up too quickly for your body, you will have die off that might be too intense. The solution is to simply take a lower dosage of product and move more slowly through the process. This work for most people very nicely. Another idea is to take one Aloe PURE capsule for three mornings (around 7am) and help the body detox some of the build-up along the intestinal wall. Eat lots of greens. You’re trying to starve out the unfriendly bacteria, so using FOS might quiet the stomach…but that is because you are now feeding the unfriendly bacteria instead of starving them out. So I certainly would not recommend FOS.

  48. I see other Probiotics on the market with product reviews and comparisons. You have the best Probiotic I've ever tried, in fact, I consider it critical to good health, so, why is Body Biotics not on these review lists?

    First, regarding reviews, I think the biggest reason you have not seen these compared and reviewed is due to the formula. Most Probiotics have freeze-dried organisms and can be easily and inexpensively tested. This is not true with Body Biotics. If a lab tried to test our product via normal test methods it would appear to have only one Probiotic strain. The reason for this is that we introduce our strains individually at different stages of the process. Each has its own individual culturing protocol and is then introduced to the purely organic humic/fulvic acid substrate, one at a time; until we ultimately have 8 strains resulting in a superior breed of Probiotics Consortia. This is a very advanced formula. Without the actual protocol, labs cannot break this down and render any real review. And, of course, we are not going to give them our protocol.

    If someone reviews a Probiotic, solely from the standpoint of view of CFUs (colony forming units,) which is how everyone out their identifies their product, well, quite frankly they’ve missed the mark as to the powerful communication signals available to the body via an effective, living, symbiotically blended strain of Probiotics. Results do not come only from the CFUs, they come from the signals that are communicated at different points in the reconstitution stage of our symbiotic blend that alerts the body to take certain actions. 99.9% of all other Probiotics have no such signaling ability because they have not been trained to work together for the benefit of the human body…and in most cases they can’t even reconstitute in the GI tract because they have been freeze-fractured in the manufacturing process. Bottom line is…Body Biotics cannot be compared “apples to apples” to the formulas on the market.

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