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Gastro-intestinal pain and discomfort vanished — I’m a customer for life…

I am probably one of the earliest users of your Body Biotics Intl. product line, specifically the Body Biotics SBO formula (previously known also as Earthflora and Nature’s Biotics.) Somewhere in the early 1990’s, I received a copy of a publication called Bio/Tech News which contained an article entitled, Critters!. I still have this publication to this day. I was suffering at the time from severe gastro-intestinal discomfort in the form of sharp pains and a steady feeling of stuffiness. I knew something was wrong with my digestive processes, and being a healthy vegetarian as well as a known vegetarian chef and caterer for over 20 years, I couldn’t understand what the problem was. After all, vegetarians are supposed to be healthier, more energetic and disease free.*

The article explained in scientific and clear language that what I, and many other “healthy” Americans, was suffering from was a lack of intestinal bacteria or flora that live in the intestinal tract and keep it clean as well as produce “essential elements needed for proper growth, immune function and healing.” It went on to further explain the “scientific breakthrough in the therapeutic use of beneficial soil-based microorganisms in the human body.” Of course, at the time Probiotics and their benefits were just starting to get off the ground, but this was beyond that. It was the soil-based organism idea that really caught my attention.*

Suffice it to say, 20 years later, I am still a highly satisfied and healthy Body Biotics customer. From the moment I started to use the product, all my gastro-intestinal pain and discomfort vanished and has not even slightly re-appeared, even when there were times I was unable to obtain it. I’m a customer for life.*

Saul Porecki

Boulder Creek, California

Constipation and adult acne…

My name is Terry and I'm 34 years old. For all of my adult life, I have suffered with constipation and adult acne. After being on Body Biotics for about six weeks, both of these problems have completely disappeared. I'm very excited about that! I feel much better, my energy level is very high now. I went to quite a few dermatologists trying to find out what I could do about my acne and they put me on all kinds of topical prescription medications and it didn't seem to help. I have perfectly clear skin now and I'm very excited about that.*

Terry Carter - Napa, CA

Relieved sinus pain, digestive issues, bloating, and diminished pain…

Relieved sinus pain, digestive issues, bloating, and diminished pain I have suffered from arthritis in my neck, back and hands from years of massage work and an accident at age six that landed me head first into a tree. I have been so uncomfortable but refused to take pain medicine. After hearing about Body Biotics™ (previously called Nature's Biotics,) from a friend, I bought some. I noticed the pain and achiness I had lived with had diminished. It was strange not to have it and part of me felt something was odd as the pain was no longer there! I was a different person. I was a new person. It was exciting.*

I felt renewed energy and my bloated abdominal area flattened out. I had always been athletic but still could not lose the puffiness in my mid section but now it was gone. My digestion was better and I noticed that my sinus problems also disappeared. I had previously suffered from sinus infections and sinus pain. I couldn't believe all the wonderful changes with these little soil based organisms. I never want to go back to the old way of living. Anyone who is wondering about this product, this will change your life! Get yourself some now.*

Susan Hill

Allergies and hay fever…

I've been on Body Biotics for about 3 months and prior to taking it I had a pretty significant problem with seasonal allergies and hay fever. Since taking Body Biotics, I've been through the worst part of the year and seen a significant reduction in my allergic responses. I've been able to do a lot of things that previously allergies prohibited me from doing, like going certain places or eating certain foods. I also had an interesting incident with this, I had a tomato plant in my garden that was growing and it had some type of fungus or bacterial growth. I went to a nursery and showed them what the plant was looking like and after researching it they instructed me to just kill the plant. They didn't have any pesticides or any other chemicals or natural ingredient that could save it. It would just have to die. So I decided to try the Body Biotics and mixed a couple pills with water and used it for a couple days. After about two weeks the fungus began to not be growing any longer and the new leaves were all coming out very healthy. After time the plant regained its full health. I was pretty impressed with just that aspect of it. Overall, the other aspects, I've noticed are increased energy, greater mental clarity and healthier eating habits. I really enjoyed using this product and recommend it to people that I work with and family members.*

Dr. K Sherman - CA

Helped relieved constipation and belly bloating for my son…Helped relieved constipation and belly bloating for my son…

Hi! My name is Maria and my family has been using Body Biotics™ for almost a year. Though I myself have been on and off of the product, my son is a consistent user. He has always struggled with all kinds of gut issues ever since he was a baby, including constipation, food intolerances, yeast, bacterial imbalance, etc. The most uncomfortable symptom of his underlined issues has always been constipation with sever belly bloating.*

It took me a while to find a right dose of your product, taking it easy and observing. The journal that I kept helped tremendously. My son is now on 2 caps, 1 morning, 1 before bed and the bloating, along with the constipation, is gone.*

We will continue to use this great Probiotic. Thank you so much!!

Maria Masha

Better sleep, weight loss. Increased energy and improved well-being…

Hi, this is Julia from Santa Barbara. I have been a wife, a mother and raised 4 boys. I have focused a lot of my life on my health and that of my family's. Over the years, we have tried a great variety of things. When Body Biotics came into our lives, we decided to try it as a family. At first we all slept better and noticed we had more energy. We thought “wow” this is interesting and wonderful!

As I continued to improve personally, my body started to assimilate better. Within about six weeks my clothes started fitting differently and my body started changing. It was changing back to the body I had prior 4 children. I would see people and they would say “wow,” what are you doing? You look great! The family joke became...”when we take Body Biotics we're youthing.” As I continued the process it even got better. It was as if Body Biotics was going through my body cleaning up old injuries in places where my body held tension. I now have greater energy and stamina, real excitement in life. What started out as a foundation for our health become a corner stone. I'm very excited and very thankful. After years, I continue to be amazed at the strength, beauty and happiness that has come into my family and myself from taking Body Biotics. Thank you!*

Julia-Santa Barbara, CA

Autism related clostridia levels drop from 754 to 74 in just 6 weeks…

Autism related clostridia levels drop from 754 to 74 in just 6 weeks My 9 year old son is recovering from Autism, and as part of that, we've battled significant clostridia and candida overgrowth in the gut. This is a pretty common issue seen in Autism and a challenge for those doing biomedical interventions. Many times this can be a fight that goes on for years, often with little resolved. Last summer we hit a crescendo with clostridia levels of 1656, his highest levels to date. Normal reference range is anything below 220! His behaviors were very typical for high clostridia, aggression, emotional volatility, very high frustration levels, etc. We did 2 rounds of a very strong antibiotic and even after that, his levels were still at 754. *

We started taking Body Biotics™ capsules at that point. We started very slowly and eventually worked up to 6 capsules per day over a 6 week period. During that time we noticed no typical "die off" reactions or negative reactions of any kind. When we retested after that 6 week period I was shocked to see his clostridia levels at 74. 74!!!! We've been doing bio-medical intervention for over 5 years, now, and clostridia had always been an issue to deal with. *

I am so pleased with the effects of Body Biotics™ for my son! We have tried so many things to reduce his levels of clostridia and nothing came close to what Body Biotics™ has done for him and in such a short period of time. Clostridia has so many very negative health effects, especially neurologically. It is something we absolutely had to get under control. Thanks to Body Biotics™, we've been able to successfully keep those levels down! *

Terri Hirning, Flagstaff, AZ

Severe Allergies and Asthma…

Hi my name is Craig and I've been using Body Biotics for about 5 months. I've had very severe allergy problems. Last year I was diagnosed with temporary asthma due to allergies. My doctor had me on two different inhalers, which didn't seem to alleviate my problems. I started with Body Biotics and within 10 days my allergies completely cleared up and my symptoms were gone. I also had a severe athlete's foot problem that cleared up. I've been taking nutritional products for over ten years now and Body Biotics is, by far, more effective in stimulating your immune system and taking care of many problems. Problems that I've had and that my friends and family have had.*

Craig V. - CA

Candida and chronic vaginal yeast infection gone…

I had been fighting an overgrowth of candida for years. Even with trying Nystatin and other anti-fungal drugs, I still did not have a formed stool. Everything ran right through me. I also had a chronic vaginal yeast infection. My skin itched. My belly bloated. I started Body Biotics six months ago and started off with little less than 1/2 a capsule a day, as I wanted the die-off symptoms to be as trouble-free as possible. I needed to stay on my feet, and I knew from past experience that too much die-off too quickly could literally put me in bed unable to function. You need to listen to your own body. Some people can start off with more, some will need to start off with less. It took me about a month to work up to the 6 capsules (2 - 30 minutes before each meal with a full glass of water) per day. After that level was achieved, within a couple of weeks I saw a HUGE difference in my GI tract. Stools were well-formed. My belly did not bloat. My skin did not itch. My chronic vaginal yeast infection was gone.*

MJD – Dallas, Texas

At age 61, I am on no medication. After 23 years, I contribute this to Body Biotics…

At age 61, I am on no medication. After 23 years, I contribute this to Body Biotics I refer to Body Biotics™ as my “Miracle Critters.”  I have been taking these since 1990. A friend suggested them and as she described them and their process of coming to be, I could only think what if one of the organisms crawled out my ear.  To say the least, I was not sold on the thought of taking them. But my friend was persistent and finally convinced me to buy some. I have been taking Body Biotics™ for 23 years!  *

I feel great at 61 and I have no intestinal/bathroom issues.  I can honestly say that I see a great difference when I haven’t had the money to buy them in the past and had to go without for a week or so. Each time, I would immediately notice difficulty with bathroom/bowel issue. At age 61, I am not on any medication. I feel great and I attribute it to my daily regimen of taking my Body Biotics™ all of these years.  Thank you for my healthy state of being!*

Joy Thompson

Madison, N.J.

Body Biotics™ is the first product that I've found that has truly made a difference…

I am the co-director of the Rocky Mountain Wellness Center and a full time traditional Chinese medicine student. I have had chronic intestinal and digestive problems for approximately 15 years. Body Biotics™ is the first product that I've found that has truly made a difference in my intestinal tract and digestive system. I've also used it on some of my clients that had digestive issues including bloating, gas, and abdominal pain and it has worked tremendously in just a few short weeks. I've also used it for open wounds. Recently I had a tooth that was pulled and asked the dentist to pack that space with Body Biotics™. Within a few days the tissue was healing, there was no infection and I attribute this directly to the Body Biotics™.*

Martha A. - Castle Rock, CO

Infectious Dermatitis Cleared in 4 Weeks…..

This is Martha and I'm 40 years old. I'm a RN at University Of Virginia in Charlottesville. For over a year I had a rash that was diagnosed as infectious dermatitis by my dermatologist. He had prescribed two different rounds of antibiotic as well as steroid creams which I use faithfully. The rash continued to spread to different areas including a very fertile place on my right arm that I just couldn't kick. I had already spent over $200 on medicine and doctor visits and decided to give Body Biotics a try. I started on them in March 1996, and within two weeks it was drying up, within four weeks it was gone with no reoccurrence. I've had no rash anywhere! I'm so impressed with this product. I have friends reporting equally dramatic results with other things and I'm just enjoying sharing it with everyone I know.*

Martha, VA

Gastro-intestinal pain and discomfort vanished — I’m a customer for life…

From about 1995 on, I began slowly going down physically, having lots of health problems in general. I have always been health conscious, taking vitamins and mineral supplements etc. Whenever I had health problems that seemed beyond the ordinary colds and flu's, I went to our family physician for help. Over the years my health continued to deteriorate and in November of 2003 I was diagnosed as having Crohn's disease. My G.I. specialist prescribed drugs to treat the condition. The side effects of these were quite nasty (they made the vomiting and diarrhea worse). Finally, I decided to try alternative treatments. At first, my condition worsened, I was suffering from diarrhea and vomiting every night. During this time I was also going to my medical doctor on a weekly basis. I sought medical opinions from a number of another medical doctors, a homeopath, a certified live blood analyst and an iridology specialist. At the same time my husband and I were spending a lot of time reading about Crohn's disease on the internet and looking for treatments. Finally, a friend of mine told me about a product that he and his wife were taking, called Body Biotics.

Complications with Crohn’s Disease alleviated……

One thing kept coming back in my mind from the research on the internet— that Crohn's is caused by unfriendly bacteria in the intestinal tract and that Crohn's disease responds best to treatments with Probiotics (friendly bacteria). I then decided to order Body Biotics. I responded quite well to Body Biotics. From early spring until late May, 2004, I was "holding my own", but the inevitable was about to happen. My husband, finally told me that the only way I was going to get to the bottom of my health problems was to go to the Emergency Dept. at the Hospital. I was admitted and after a series of test transferred to another hospital, immediately. (Crohn's can grow fistulas which are like tree roots), so in my case these fistulas had penetrated my bladder and other portions of my small intestine. I had surgery, with complications from the surgery, and then a second surgery. I was in the hospital for thirty days. By the time I went to the hospital I had already lost 40 lbs. and by the time I got out of the hospital I had lost another 20 lbs. My intestinal tract, after 30 days of intensive antibiotics, just wouldn't work anymore. My situation was getting worse. I asked my husband to bring the Body Biotics to the hospital after the first surgery but couldn't talked him into it. After nearly 25 days in the hospital, he got a little irritated with the staff and started demanding some answers as to why I wasn't improving. Finally, he agreed to bring me the Body Biotics, a choice that proved to be best for me. By the next morning, I was already feeling better. In less than two days my G.I. tract was functioning again, and I was able to leave the hospital. That was in June of 2004 and I have been taking Body Biotics ever since. Body Biotics will be a part of our diet for the rest of our lives. We've discovered that one of the most important things to good health is a healthy digestive tract. We all need good Probiotics, such as Body Biotics. In my opinion it is the best Probiotics supplement on the market.*

Ms. G. Verbeurg, Canada

Dry eye and chronic health issues completely disappeared…

I have been using Body Biotics™ SBO's now for about six months, and can't stop telling people about it.  I have had chronic health issues in recent years, and no single product has helped me to recover like Body Biotic's SBO's.  *

I began taking Body Biotics™ according to instructions on the bottle, and worked up to six capsules per day, which I continued for a few weeks, then worked back down to two a day.  Approximately two months after beginning Body Biotics™, I passed a very large white mass in a bowel movement that must have taken literally, years to form.  I can only imagine the toxicity of this thing, and what its presence in my digestive system was doing to my health.*

In addition to overall improved energy and a sense of well being, within a couple of months of passing this mass, two chronic health issues I had battled for a couple of years completely disappeared.  I had Dry Eye in my right eye, a very painful condition in which one's eyes do not produce enough tears and always feel as if they have gravel in them. Something as simple as opening and closing my right eye was very painful, especially upon waking up in the morning.  It took approximately half an hour for me to completely open my right eye in the morning.   I have not had a trace of Dry Eye since!  *

Another condition I battled was severe pain in my left heel, and discomfort in my left leg, especially after a prolonged period of sitting or lying down.  I sensed that this intense discomfort was not a foot problem, but perhaps a circulatory issue.  About the same time that my dry eye disappeared, the pain in my left foot and leg vanished as well!  I have not had a trace of discomfort in months now, thanks to the healing benefits of Body Biotics SBO's.* I believe that the benefits of Body Biotics™ SBO's are far reaching and ongoing use of them will continue to improve my health.  Thank you for such an unusually effective product!*


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies Greatly Relieved…

Basically, I've been medically diagnosed with a condition called multiple chemical sensitivity or abbreviated E.I. for environmental illness. EI is kind of like having severe allergies, only not to the typical things one might think of. It began when I was only a few years old, anything to do with petro chemicals, fumes, exhaust fumes, fabric softeners, detergents, etc., products such as these would totally knock me out. Exposure to them causes me to get extremely tired, headache, dizziness, racing pulse, clammy and, often times, tightness in my chest. Whenever I got the slightest exposure to these things, I'd sleep a lot. Typically, I'd be exhausted for about 24 hours while my body recovered. I've been taking Body Biotics since 1995. I take six a day and won't stop taking six a day because I've noticed that now the things that normally kept me down for 24 hours or more, only affect me for a couple of hours or not at all. I don't get any of the symptoms I use to that caused me to shut down. I can continue on with everyday life. It's a wonderful gift and I'm very, very grateful for it. Body Biotics is truly an amazing product.*

Dan Romaine-St. Paul, Minn.

My breathing improved, my skin cleared and I no longer had chronic headaches or colds…

I was in my 40’s in 1996 when my doctor strongly advised me to take Body Biotics™ (then called Nature’s Biotics).  At the time, I thought having aches and various physical problems was a normal part of aging.  However, now that I am in my 60’s, I have NONE of the problems I experienced 17 years ago and I attribute it to my faithful daily use of Body Biotics™ – really!*

Almost immediately after starting BB, I was thrilled that after 25 years of difficult monthly pain, my menstrual cycles where totally painless!  And, when I later went through menopause, I had absolutely NO menopausal symptoms other than no longer having periods. *

When I was in my 20’s I had a severe case of pneumonia.  I recovered and thought that all was okay.  Years later, when I would hike with friends in the mountains where I live, I would go at my own slow pace and need to rest often to catch my breath.  I assumed I was just out of shape.  Imagine my surprise when after 5 months on BB, I could breathe what seemed to be twice as much air and I could more than keep up with my hiking friends!  I now understand that I still had residual bacteria that had not fully been cleared from my lungs and the BB had finally eradicated this after all those years!  Amazing! *

Off and on during the first 6 months of use, I would have a day of feeling flu-like symptoms and find that the next day another bodily issue would disappear. My lower back pains disappeared, my nose quit “dripping,” my breathing improved, my skin cleared and I no longer had chronic headaches or colds.  I eventually celebrated feeling “bad” for a day because I knew something else in my body was healing!  Interestingly, I never realized that I had some of my pains until they went away.  I felt like a weight was lifted and I was walking on air, plus I felt better emotionally.  I bless this awesome supplement and will take it for the rest of my life.*

P.S.  I also give my cats a daily dose of BB.  Amazingly, one is now in her 20’s!

Stephanie Joy Johnson

Asheville, NC

I love that these Probiotics are not cultured in dairy and do not require refrigeration…

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with Body Biotics™. It began last year (2012) when almost every ailment I had led to the crisis point of candida. Having cooked professionally for years as a restaurateur and private Chef, I had no restrictions on food. In fact I consumed only the best in gourmet cooking and a healthy Mediterranean diet. But I still suffered from a plethora of dull functions.*

Body Biotics™ is the Probiotic that helped remarkably in correcting those functions and began to clear my mind of those dark clouds as well. This product needs no Celebrity endorsement considering all the truths exposed about our food, air and water, not to mention industry warfare, and health and beauty products laden with chemicals. The question is not would you take it, but why are you not taking a serious Probiotic?! Yogurt, contrary to popular belief, DOES NOT replenish gut flora! That may be new news headlines. *

Having spent years researching food and all of its topics, nothing made more sense to me than starting Body Biotics™ and virtually starting my life over. I also love that these Probiotics are not in dairy and do not require refrigeration; that they are transient just like FOOD! * Thank YOU…for becoming my front line and centre daily!


I'm an attorney and I live in Santa Barbara California. I've been using Body Biotics™ for about six months now. What's most interesting is when I first started using the product, I wasn't paying much attention to what was going on and it didn't seem like there was much in the first week or two. I did notice that the little aches and pains that I had been experiencing had seemed to kind of disappear. The next thing that was really dramatic for me, is that I’ve had a case of athlete's foot that has been persistent for twenty years despite the use of every medication available to man or beast. After being on the product a good six or eight weeks, my athlete's foot started going away on its own and is almost completely gone away at this point.*

Some other things that I've noticed is that I clearly have a level of health that is superior to what it has been. My allergies are way down, I'm sleeping better, I don't seem to need as much sleep, and I've got more energy! So, all in all, I've been absolutely delighted with this product and I cannot recommend it highly enough.*

David C. – Santa Barbara, CA

Stools were well-formed, my belly did not bloat, my skin did not itch…

I have been fighting an overgrowth of Candida for years. Even with trying Nystatin and other anti-fungal drugs, I still did not have a formed stool. Everything ran right through me. I also had a chronic vaginal yeast infection, my skin itched, and my belly was bloated. *

I started Body Biotics™ about six months ago. I had to start off with little less than 1/2 a capsule a day, because I didn’t want the die-off symptoms to be severe. I needed to stay on my feet, and knew from past experience that too much die-off, too quickly could literally put me in bed and unable to function. You need to listen to your own body. Some people can start off with more, but I needed to start off with less. *

It probably took me about a month to work up to the 6 capsules per day. After that level was achieved, within a couple of weeks I saw a HUGE difference in my GI tract. Stools were well-formed, my belly did not bloat, my skin did not itch and my chronic vaginal yeast infection was gone.*

KS - Texas

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