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Becoming an Affiliate

Life Science Products Affiliate Program
Q: What is an Affiliate?

A: An Affiliate is a US member who is actively building their own business through an existing website or by referring family, friends, and colleagues to our website to purchase products and build a downline customer base which pays commissions.

Q: How do I become an Affiliate?
A: To become an Affiliate the following applies:
 1. Start up a monthly Auto Order of $60 or more

 2. Give your member ID number to any referral you are sending to our Customer Service US: 1-800-713-3888 and Outside of US: 1- 816-584-3052 Or to our website:

3.Instruct them to go to: MEMBERSHIP and select Preferred Customer, Affiliate, or Preferred Profession. When they click on “Register Now” the form will open and your number should be placed in the “Referring Party” Member ID section. This will placed them into your downline.

Q: How do the commission payouts work?

A: As an Affiliate member, you are entitled to earn Affiliate Commissions on all orders received from persons that you have referred who make a purchase. And, you will receive commissions from everyone they refer. Earn 20% on level one and 10% on level two in our Affiliate Program.

Additional Information:
*To qualify for Affiliate Commissions you must be on a monthly Auto order of $60 or more.
*Any month that you do not have a paid Auto order, you will not be qualified to receive commissions for that month.
*Commissions are paid by check and the checks are cut by the 15th of the month. Please allow 3-5 business days to receive your check.
*Auto orders must be cancelled at least 3 days prior to your ship date.
* You can choose Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 or Week 4 to receive your Auto order.
*Auto orders are run on Monday of each week.

NOTE: Affiliate Members must live in the United States.