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Soil-based Organisms and Immune Function

An incredible new all-natural breakthrough in Immuno-therapy

[Editor’s note: Most Americans have very little knowledge about the direct relationship between their present state of health and the billions of beneficial microorganisms that live in their intestinal tract - microorganisms which keep the intestines clean by feeding on putrefaction and waste, fungi, harmful bacteria, yeast, poisons and other nasty substances, while simultaneously aiding the body in producing essential elements (such as hormones, vitamins and proteins) needed for proper growth, immune function and healing.

We realize that many readers of the Bio/Tech News are much more health-savvy than the average American and are at least partially, if not fully, aware of the beneficial effects of such commonly known intestinal microorganisms as Lactobacillus Acidophilus (as well as other lacto-bacilli) which are native to the human intestinal tract, and can be continuously re-established there through the ingestion of soured milk products such as cultured yogurt, whey, cottage cheese, buttermilk, etc.

Nevertheless, we feel it’s important to lay down some necessary groundwork in the first part of this Special Double Issue, giving you a brief "primer" on the necessity, function and benefits to the human body of these vital microscopic critters, as well as revealing important information on some of the devastating ill-health effects that can occur whenever your body’s "intestinal flora" is for any reason compromised.

Then, in the remainder of this report, we will deal exclusively with a closely-related and quite startling new scientific breakthrough in the therapeutic use of beneficial soil-based microorganisms in the human body...a breakthrough that is producing some of the most remarkable healing and immune-stimulating results we have ever come across in the course of our research.

It all started many months ago, when we began hearing about an amazing new all-natural health product that includes in its makeup a number of cultures of beneficial, non-pathogenic soil-based microorganisms. According to information we received, this product, when taken orally, was proving itself to be so effective in stimulating the body to heal itself from serious illness and disease (such as arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, lifelong allergies, epilepsy and much more), that the developers were actually working to keep the product secret in order to help protect it from being targeted by the Food and Drug Administration.

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To this day, the company that produces this remarkable new product refuses to make a single health or medical claim for it, quietly distributing it through private channels as a "natural food supplement" (which is precisely what it is). This, in spite of the fact that thousands of its daily users are reaping phenomenal healing and immune-stimulation benefits. (At the present time, a relatively small handful-a few hundred, at the most-of licensed practitioners worldwide have been using this product with their patients.)

Naturally, we were a bit skeptical when we first heard about the supposed incredible effectiveness of this new product. The amazing healing effects which were being attributed to it were so startling, so hard to believe, that at first we simply set them aside, almost ignoring the product altogether. After all, it’s one thing to ingest the well-known Lactobacillus Acidophilus in order to help balance your intestinal flora and increase your health, but in our skeptical view, it’s quite another thing to start ingesting cultures of heretofore-unknown soil-based microorganisms!

But then, something very interesting happened. One of our fellow newsletter writers, R.E. McMaster, published an absolutely astonishing account of how his young son, who had suffered from uncontrollable petit mal epileptic seizures for over 13 years, was cured literally overnight after using this amazing new non-toxic, all-natural substance containing the soil-based microorganisms. McMaster went on to document how his entire family now uses this remarkable new product as the foundation for their family health maintenance program-with remarkable beneficial results.

His personal story piqued our interest to the point that we could no longer ignore this breakthrough product. We immediately began our investigation into it, and were so amazed at what we discovered we decided to devote an entire report to it. Here then, are the behind-the-scenes details of what we found, and why we believe this product is nothing short of a stellar new therapeutic development in natural healing that promises profound beneficial ramifications for the entire human race.

As always, we urge you to pass along copies of this report to friends, family and other close associates you feel may benefit from the important information contained herein. All we require is that you copy it in its entirety, without omission or alteration of any kind, and distribute it without charge.


What Mom Never Told You

A Brief Primer On Intestinal Flora

"The friendly bacteria in your bowels have far-reaching effects you’ve probably never dreamed of. These hard working organisms produce a variety of substances that can: prevent cancerous tumors; inactivate viruses; produce natural antibodies and vitamins; reduce cholesterol- and new research has linked these bacteria to even more wonders."

-Dr. David Williams

Mom probably never told you this, but from the moment you began, passing through her birth canal during labor, your body began coming into contact with, and picking up, a host of beneficial bacterial microorganisms. These beneficial bacteria, which are absolutely essential to proper human function, entered your body through your mouth as you passed through the birth canal. From there, they rapidly made their way into your intestinal tract, where they established themselves in large colonies. As you might guess, mother’s milk contains just the right ingredients to nourish these friendly bacteria once they become established in your intestines.

The above-described event is the foundation of what you might call your "intestinal flora." In short, these beneficial microorganisms, which begin invading your body during the birth process, soon become an integral part of your gastrointestinal ecology. Once established, they go to work performing or stimulating a number of important functions, including:

Enhancing the function of your entire gastrointestinal tract;
Protecting your body against Pathogenic or otherwise harmful foreign invaders;
Maintaining the vital chemical balance of your entire gastrointestinal system;
Producing needed vitamins and hormones, and regulating their levels; and,
Performing a mind-boggling array of other essential tasks necessary to achieving and maintaining proper human growth, function and immune response.
As Dr. David Williams states in his report, Life Extension-10 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Maximum Lifespan: "If you have a healthy intestinal tract, you have over 400 different species of microorganisms living there. They make up approximately two pounds of your body weight!" [Emphasis ours - Ed.]

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Williams goes on to explain, "In the stomach itself, very few of these organisms are able to survive because of the acidity. In fact, there may be as few as 10 to 100 organisms in every milliliter of stomach content. In the small intestine there might be anywhere from 100 to 1,000 organisms per milliliter. As you reach the junction between the small and large intestines, the numbers begin to grow dramatically. In the large intestine (colon) as many as one trillion organisms per milliliter are common."

Additional Benefits From Intestinal Microorganisms

The health-promoting activities of lacto-bacilli working in conjunction with other species of beneficial intestinal microorganisms "native" to the human body include:

Stimulating the immunologic activity of the spleen and thymus.
Creating a protective barrier against the invasion of harmful microorganisms by colonizing and coating the intestinal mucosa.
Competing with undesirable organisms for nutrients, thereby helping keep their spread in check.
Aiding in the production of beneficial natural anti-biotic substances such as acidophillin, bifidin, hydrogen peroxide, and more,
Breaking down carbohydrates, fats and proteins, while rendering their toxic by-products inert.
Aiding in the fermentation of soluble fiber, which yields shortchain fatty acids, supplying a full five to 10 percent of human energy needs.
Increasing the bioavailability of calcium, and thereby helping prevent osteoporosis, shingles and other debilitating ailments.
And much more!
Microbial Imbalances and Disease

Clearly, the lacto-bacilli and hundreds of other species of beneficial microorganisms inhabiting your intestines play a vital role in keeping your body healthy and strong. Nonetheless, they live a precarious existence. Their balance in your body can be completely disrupted by such common things as a diet that’s too high in sugar, or one that’s too low in natural soured milk products like yogurt, cottage cheese, whey, buttermilk, etc.

Excessive alcohol intake can also disrupt your body’s balance of these much-needed microbes. So can drinking flouridated and chlorinated water!

Also deleterious to this important microbial balance are radiation therapy and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) like Motrin, Advil, Nuprin, Rufin, Medipren, Midol, etc.

Worse yet, taking prescription antibiotics can wipe out virtually every beneficial microorganism in your body. That’s because the antibiotics can’t distinguish between harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria. They kill, virtually ALL bacteria, producing a condition commonly referred to as "sterile gut."

Unfortunately, once the beneficial microorganisms are wiped out, and you’ve stopped using the antibiotics, it is then much easier for harmful microorganisms to step in and establish large colonies in your intestines, and contribute to a huge number of potentially devastating ill-health conditions in your body. Therefore, if you’ve ever had to take long-term or even standard sessions of antibiotic therapy, it is quite possible that your body’s balance of beneficial intestinal microorganisms has become seriously compromised.

Medical experts now assert that inadequate levels of beneficial intestinal microorganisms are directly associated with the following ill-health conditions:

chronic fatigue
rashes and other skin conditions
poor immune response to common illnesses
poor immune response to chronic degenerative disease
rapid onset of osteoporosis
frequent diarrhea
frequent intestinal gas
frequent constipation
chronic bladder infections
chronic vaginal infections
severe bruising problems
high cholesterol levels
vitamin B deficiencies
dairy product sensitivities
chronic anemia
candida infections
low sex hormones
breast enlargement in men
prostate trouble
increased menstrual complaints
intensified PMS symptoms
hormonal imbalances
chronic bad breath
and many other conditions

Fortunately, these conditions can often be prevented from occurring simply by supplementing your diet with food products that are rich in beneficial intestinal microorganisms. As we’ve mentioned earlier, ingesting such dairy foods as cultured yogurt, buttermilk, cottage cheese, whey and other soured-milk food products will help maintain your body’s proper balance of vital gastrointestinal flora. Virtually all nutritionists today acknowledge that these particular food products should be ingested regularly for this very reason.

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Using Other Beneficial Microorganisms to Dramatically Improve Health

Today, millions of people nationwide know about the proven health benefits that can be gained by supplementing and maintaining the human body’s native population of beneficial intestinal microorganisms. Whether through the use of cultured soured-milk food products like yogurt, or through the use of specially developed bacilli supplements, it is now abundantly clear that maintaining your body’s natural balance of intestinal microorganisms is one of the primary keys to maximizing your long-term health and well-being,

What most people don’t realize, however, is that there are numerous other beneficial microorganisms in existence which have been proven to dramatically benefit the human body even though they are not native to the human bodys normal intestinal flora.

As Dr. Peter Rothschild, one of the world’s foremost experts on human immune response and its relation to beneficial microorganisms, recently emphasized to us: "It’s a crying shame that most health-minded Americans today have been brainwashed into thinking that their beloved holy St. Acidophilus is the only microorganism that can benefit their health. In truth, there are many bacterial microorganisms in existence which can stimulate phenomenal health and immune system benefits when ingested as dietary supplements-even though they are in no way indigenous to the human system."

The Bacillus Subtilis Story

Dr. Rothschild backed up his point by telling us the story of the discovery of the Bacillus subtilis, a bacterial microorganism that is commonly found in the environment rather than in humans, yet is well known by modem science to be very friendly to the human system. It can promote dramatic healing benefits in humans, even though it isn’t one of the native microbes that normally inhabit the human body. According to Dr. Rothschild, the story of Bacillus subtilis goes like this:

The bacillus subtilis was discovered by the Nazi German medical corps in 1941, toward the end of their African campaign. At the time, the German military victory was at its height. But the German high command became genuinely alarmed when hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers in North Africa suddenly began dying every week. Oddly, the Nazi soldiers weren’t dying because of British General Montgomery’s retaliatory bombs and shrapnel, but instead, they were dying of uncontrollable dysentery.

Of course, the Germans were aware that dysentery was caused by pathogenic (i.e., disease-causing) bacteria from local food and water sources. But in those days, there were no antibiotics. Sulfur was already on the market, but only in a topical non-ingestible form. So with no medication available with which to stop the plague of dysentery, the Nazis quickly began looking for other means to help their dying soldiers.

The German high command immediately sent out a contingent of scientists, physicians, chemists, biochemist, bacteriologists and other experts to help solve the problem. With typical German circumspection, these top experts reasoned that there must be a natural way to counteract the deadly bacteria causing the dysentery because, if there wasn’t, the millions of Arabs living in the region would have been dead long ago.

Therefore, the Germans’ first step was to closely scrutinize the native Arabs, and see whether or not they were affected by dysentery. What they discovered was that the Arabs also caught dysentery, but at the first sign of diarrhea [the #l symptom of dysentery-Ed.] the Arabs would do something quite incredible: They would immediately begin following around a horse or camel until it would drop its dung. Then, the affected Arab would pick up the warm dung droppings, and quickly gulp them down! This strange procedure effectively eliminated the dysentery almost overnight.

Once the good hygienic Germans finally recovered from the shock of seeing the Arab natives gulping down warm camel dung, they quickly realized that there must be something in the dung that somehow counteracted the harmful bacteria that caused the dysentery. They questioned the Arabs, who told them that they had no idea why it worked, but that their fathers had always done so, as had their forefathers, and it had always worked. The only caveat was that the camel or horse dung had to be ingested while still warm and fresh, because it had no effect on the dysentery if ingested cold.

So the Nazis began carefully examining fresh camel and horse dung. What they discovered was that it was teeming with a powerful bacterial microorganism which later came to be called Bacillus subtilis. This bacteria, it tuned out, is so strong that it practically cannibalizes all harmful microorganisms the human body-particularly pathogenic bacteria like the virulent strain which was causing dysentery in the German troops.

Within a very short time, the Nazis began producing hundreds and thousands of gallons of active Bacillus subtilis cultures for their troops to ingest. And bingo, no more dysentery! Soon afterwards, the Germans even discovered the process by which the Bacillus subtilis cultures could be dried and placed into easily ingestible capsules. From that time forward, the resourceful Germans had no more problems with losing troops from dysentery.

Still Benefiting Health-Savvy Individuals

For many years afterwards, cultures of Bacillus subtilis were sold worldwide as a medicinal product (sold in the U.S. and Mexico, for example, under the brand name Bacti-Subtil) rapidly becoming the world’s leading treatment for dysentery and other intestinal problems. Unfortunately for Americans, this popular bacterial supplement that cures intestinal infections began losing favor in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, upon the advent of synthetic antibiotics which were heavily touted by the giant pharmaceutical companies as "wonder drugs," even though they cost five times as much as Bacti-Subtil, and took three times longer to accomplish the same results.

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Nonetheless, Bacillus subtilis remains one of the most potent and beneficial of all health-promoting and immune-stimulating bacteria. According to clinical studies documented in the medical research report, Immunostimulation by Bacillus Subtilis Preparations, by micro-biologist J. Harmann, the cell wall components of ingested Bacillus Subtilis are able to activate nearly all systems of the human immune defense, including the activation of at least three specific anti-bodies (IgM, IgG and IgA secretion) which are highly effective against many of the harmful viruses, fungi and bacterial pathogens which regularly attempt to invade and infect the human system.

Bacillus subtilis is still used widely today in Germany, France and Israel, where safe, effective all-natural therapeutic products are more highly esteemed by the health-savvy public than the more expensive synthetic drugs espoused by the orthodox medical establishment with all of their dangerous side effects.

In short, the incredible Bacillus subtilis, which is commonly found in the outside environment rather than in the human intestinal system, continues to benefit mankind ever since its unusual discovery by the Germans in 1941. What’s more, it is only one small example of the multitude of "friendly" microorganisms which can create tremendous benefits for humans when ingested, even though they are not necessarily "native" microorganisms to the human system.

SBO's- An Amazing New Breakthrough in Immune Stimulation and Healing

"The soil-based microorganisms in EarthFlora are thoroughbreds. Peter Smith discovered the original organisms, bred and groomed them so to speak, and eliminated from them any possible undesirable elements. When you take a capsule of EarthFlora, you are taking a thoroughbred selection-highly selected colonies of beneficial soil-based organisms. Peter Smith bred these organisms to perfection, where the production of undesirable elements is zero-absolutely zero! Thats why I call him a genius."

-Dr. Peter Rothschild

As we mentioned above, a microorganism doesn’t have to be "native" to the human system in order to provide genuine and quite dramatic health benefits to humans when ingested. In fact, today scientists worldwide are studying hundreds of different species of microorganisms that are non-native to the human body, in order to determine which of them might, when ingested, provide profound healing benefits to individuals afflicted with serious ailments ranging from cancer to arthritis and much more.

Additionally, scientists are working on "grooming" various non-native microorganisms to perform specific tasks in the human body, such as destroying certain viruses, or stimulating specific functions within the immune system. In several instances, great strides have been made in these areas-one of which has been in the development and use of soil-based microorganisms for promoting overall healing in human beings, as well as for stimulating powerful immune responses unlike anything ever reported.

In just a moment, as promised in the beginning of this report, we’re going to give you the inside details on a unique new immunotherapeutic product called EarthFlora, which utilizes soil-based microorganisms in its makeup. But first, here’s a brief explanation of what soil-based microorganisms are, and what they do.

What Are Soil-Based Microorganisms?

SBO’s, or soil-based organisms, are tiny microbes that live in soil. According to medical research scientist Dr. William C. Bryce, M.D., PhD, among other functions SBO’s produce and release powerful enzymes that sterilize the soil of putrefactive organisms, and thereby help prepare the soil to support new plant growth. Without SBO’s, lush plant growth could not take place because the soil would be too contaminated with yeasts, molds, fungi, candida and other harmful organisms that are antagonistic to plant growth and reproduction. The enzymes produced by the SBO’s solve this problem by helping kill off huge amounts of the harmful elements in the soil.

Dr. Bryce points out that in addition to the above function, SBO’s also produce and release nutrients and growth hormones which, when absorbed through the roots of plants, help stimulate the reproductive cycle in the plants. For example, the growth hormones produced by SBO’s are biologically activated to stimulate seed maturation. Simultaneously, these hormones also accelerate further numeric growth of the SBO colonies themselves.

As the SBO colonies grow exponentially, thanks in part to their own growth-stimulating hormone production, this then geometrically increases the amount of hormones available to the plants in the surrounding area, which then accelerates further seed development and plant growth. Scientists now believe that this incredible, ongoing, self-stimulating growth process is responsible for the rapid growth capability of plants, as well as for that of the lifeforms that consume them, such as animals and humans!

In short, SBO’s produce and release powerful enzymes that prepare and purify the soil to support plant growth, and they simultaneously produce and release the specific nutrients and hormones necessary to accelerate plant growth and stimulate plant reproduction.

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SBO’s In The Human Diet

Most Americans don’t realize it, but many forms of SBO’s, as well as their enzyme, hormone and nutrient by-products, are unknowingly ingested into the human system-with very beneficial effects-when all fresh raw fruits and vegetables are eaten. This was especially true in the 19th century, when America was basically one large rural farming community, and the ingestion of fresh raw fruits and vegetables-often straight from the fields, or directly from family gardens-was commonplace. Today however, human ingestion of SBO’s and their beneficial by-products is far less common. This is because modem agricultural techniques (including the over-application of powerful pesticides, fungicides and germicidal agents) and heatbased food processing techniques, tend to kill off SBO’s on fruits and vegetables, as well as destroy the beneficial enzyme, hormone and nutrient by-products normally released by the SBO’s and absorbed by the food plants as part of the normal growth cycle. Nonetheless, SBO’s and their beneficial by-products still manage to find their way into the human system today, though in this country with far less frequency than times past.

It is because of this that a number of nutritionists working on the cutting edge of orthomolecular medicine now speculate that the declining digestive intake of SBO’s and their enzyme, hormone and nutrient by-products is one of the chief reasons Americans tend to experience far more bowel and digestive system problems than do the people of other countries where modern high-tech farming and food processing techniques have yet to replace family farms and gardens. In other countries, SBO intake is markedly higher via the intake of fresh raw plant life, and digestive tract problems are correspondingly lower!

The Making of EarthFlora

In the late 1970’s a reclusive scientist by the name of Peter Smith was on a trip overseas. While hiking through a pristine area of a foreign country [which, to this day, he won’t name-Ed.] he spotted some large clumps on the ground, which he recognized as huge colonies of soil-based microorganisms. Smith was intrigued by the unusual nature of what he saw, and brought some of the organisms back into the United States for research and experimentation. Later, he returned several times to the original location to obtain additional samples.

For the next few years, Smith conducted phased studies of the soil-based microorganisms he had discovered. Phase #l was to identify the various strains of SBO’s found living in the clumps he had discovered. Phase #2 was to determine if the SBO’s were toxic or pathogenic. Phase #3 was to ascertain what, if any, beneficial value these soil-based bacteria might be able to impart to living things, particularly animals and humans.

After considerable painstaking and detailed research the specific strains of soil-based bacilli Smith had discovered were identified. Toxicity tests proved negative on fingerling fish. In fact, far from being harmed, the fish began rapidly increasing in size when taking the bacteria. Then, toxicity tests were carefully conducted on rodents and other members of the animal kingdom, with equally positive results. There was nothing toxic to animals in the bacteria. At the same time, extensive botany tests were conducted, which showed that the bacteria were amazingly beneficial to plants and soil.

Soon, Smith became the first human being to use the bacterial culture himself-first using it topically on open wounds, and later ingesting it. Again there were no toxic reactions to the bacteria, and there were no harmful side effects. In fact, the bacteria seemed to give increasingly positive health results as more and more of the organisms were consumed.

According to the source material we were able to obtain for this report, Smith’s research was conducted in the laboratories of several major California universities. He collaborated with top professors and other research experts, and was able to utilize the facilities of the laboratories freely, as well as the computer data banks.

In the course of his research and experimentation, Smith and his laboratory co-workers were able to perfect a process for selectively breeding superior strains of the tiny microorganisms, as well as for "grooming" them until they had a culture that, when ingested by humans, produced very specific and quite startling healing and immune stimulating results, with absolutely no toxic effects, or other unwanted side effects. The combined corporate effort of Smith and his university colleagues ultimately resulted in the development of the amazing EarthFlora food supplement product.

EarthFlora is manufactured as a gray-black powder. The powder, which is composed chiefly of a broad array of specific micronutrients and phytoplankton, acts as a substrate for the live soil-based microorganisms. Through a special process, the SBO’s are kept in a dormant state within the powder, and do not become active until introduced into an aqueous solution such as water, juice, etc. Because of this, EarthFlora boasts a shelf-life of over five years at room temperature, and even longer if refrigerated.

Secret Process

In the course of our research on this product, we discovered that Smith holds no patent to EarthFlora, nor to the various processes he developed in order to selectively breed and "groom" the soil-based microorganisms. Nor has he patented his technique for putting the organisms into the dormant state which gives them such an unusually long shelf life. According to our sources, this is because he wants to prevent his product from being duplicated or stolen.

To this day, Smith will not even identify the original soil-based organisms he discovered, nor discuss his processes for selectively breeding and grooming the superior strains from the original cultures.

Dramatic Healing Results!

Nonetheless, in spite of all of the secrecy surrounding EarthFlora, the product has enjoyed over 12 years of continuous-albeit very quiet-use by the relatively small number of people who have been fortunate enough to hear about it. In that time, no toxic side effects have ever been reported. What has been reported over the course of the past 12 years are dramatic cases of remission from some of the most serious illnesses and chronic degenerative diseases known to man.

What’s more, users of EarthFlora are reporting numerous other ongoing health benefits, such as virtual immunity from colds and flu, stronger digestive capabilities, elimination of constipation and other chronic digestive disorders, increased and/or stabilized metabolism, increased energy levels, increased physical strength, greater resistance to infections, quicker healing of wounds, increased mental clarity, and much, much more.

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We were able to examine the results of specific tests, as well as scientific laboratory analysis performed on the product, which revealed the specific actions through which EarthFlora is able to stabilize the metabolism in human beings, radically boost nutritional assimilation, and simultaneously amplify the human immune system to such a degree that illness and disease can be warded off indefinitely, and even reversed if already in progress.

This information gives a startling insight into what makes EarthFlora such a remarkable therapeutic product. We’ll give you some of the specific details in just a moment, but first, here’s a basic outline of how EarthFlora works when taken orally, as well as a brief description of the five main functions of the SBO’s contained in EarthFlora.

How It Works: A Basic Outline

When EarthFlora is ingested, it moves from the stomach to the intestinal tract and forms colonies of beneficial SBO’s along the way, which attach themselves to the intestinal wall. Then, as food works its way through the gastro-intestinal system, it drags some of the bacteria from these colonies further "down the line", these bacteria also attaching to the intestinal wall. Within a short period of time, the microorganism attachment to the intestinal wall encompasses literally the entire length of the gastrointestinal tract.

The SBO’s in EarthFlora grow and multiply into large colonies wherever they attach to the intestinal wall. Once established, they quickly begin producing an environment which dramatically stimulates the body’s ability to absorb and utilize crucial nutrients, while simultaneously ridding the intestinal tract of both putrefaction and pathogenic (i.e., disease-causing) organisms. Here are five of the main functions conducted by the SBO’s once they are integrated into the human intestinal system through ingestion as a food supplement:

Function #l: Once the SBO’s have established their colonies in the digestive tract, they immediately begin eliminating all accumulated putrefaction in which harmful pathogenic organisms thrive. The SBO’s have the ability to get in behind putrefaction that has stuck to the walls of the colon and other areas of the intestinal tract, and devour it away. Excess putrefaction is dislodged by the SBO’s, and then flushed out of the intestinal tract by normal eliminative processes..

Function #2: The SBO’s also go to work breaking down hydrocarbons. With this unique ability, all foods are broken down into their most basic elements, allowing almost total absorption through the digestive system, and thereby dramatically increasing overall nutrition, and rapidly enhancing cellular growth and development. This process also vastly aids the digestive system in the process of elimination, because of the unusually thorough and complete manner in which all foods are broken down by the SBO’s. As a major side benefit, constipation is eliminated almost overnight.

Function #3: While in the digestive tract, the SBO’s produce specific proteins which act as antigens. These, in turn, stimulate the immune system to produce huge quantities of antibodies over and above that which the immune system would normally have available for use. This vastly increased antibody output dramatically amplifies the immune system’s ability to ward off disease and illness. Plus, it enhances the immune system’s ability to battle virtually any disease or illness already afflicting the body. Because of this factor, which we’ll explain more in-depth in just a moment, many individuals using EarthFlora have reported amazing healing results from diseases.

Function #4: The SBO’s are extremely aggressive against pathological molds, yeast, fungi, and viruses. They quickly engulf and ingest harmful microbes such as Candida albicans, Candida parapsilosis, Penicillium frequens, Penicillium notatum, Mucor racemosus, Aspergillus niger and many others, which would otherwise infect the body and cause serious illness and even chronic degenerative disease. In eliminating pathogenic microbes, the SBO’s end up allowing the over-worked immune system to rest and gain strength.

Function #5: The SBO’s work in a symbiotic relation to somatic cells. They metabolize proteins for the cells, and simultaneously help rid the cells of toxic wastes, thereby dramatically boosting the normal cellular functions which are the very basis of all human health

It is chiefly because of these five specific functions of the SBO’s contained in EarthFlora that such dramatic healing and immune-stimulation results are being achieved for people around the world who are quietly using this unique and exclusive new therapeutic food supplement. But the truly fascinating immune-stimulating effects of the SBO’s can only be fully realized when one looks at the data produced by the ongoing laboratory tests being conducted by some of the world’s top scientists and immune system experts. In the following section, we’ll take a closer look at some of this exciting data, which helps more completely explain the how and the why of EarthFlora’s incredible effectiveness as a powerful immuno-stimulator for the human body.

EarthFlora and the Human Immune System: The Inside Details

"When I first heard about this product, well frankly, I thought to myself 'this is probably just snake oil.’ I was very suspicious. Then I heard how people with arthritis were being helped. People with Lou Gehrig's disease. And people with various kinds of cancer. So I went out to Los Angeles and interviewed people who had used it, and looked at their medical histories, and I became a believer..Without a doubt, people are being helped."

-Dr. Don Boys, PhD.
Former member,
Indiana House of Representatives
Columnist for USA ‘Today
Author of eight books and
Guest on ABC, NBC and CBS
network shows such as Crossfire.

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"I have been afflicted with arthritis for nearly 20 years, and in recent years have had to use a wheelchair to get around the house. I started taking this product twice daily in orange juice. It took about two to three weeks for the pain to go away. I find it better to take than the pills and other medication the doctors give me, as there are no side effects. The doctors’ medicine gave me an ulcer. But this product is the best thing I’ve ever tried."

-I.C. (age 74), Texas

"My health for over one month's time was very poor. I was operating on about 25% to 50% of my energy level. I had swollen glands and a sore throat..The doctor's statement ‘you just have to ride it out because I have nothing to give you to make you feel better.’ I spoke with my neighbor, and he told me about your product. He gave me some to try, told me to take it twice a day. Within 12 hours my sore throat was gone, and 24 hours later my glands stopped hurting, and within 48 hours my energy level was back to normal! It was definitely a miracle cure for me."

-M.M., California

"For 13 years I wrestled to find a way to stabilize and hopefully heal one of my children who had uncontrollable epilepsy which traditional Western medication did not help. Last year, while visiting with a man who has been called one of the top five biochemists in the world, at his prestigious clinic in Key Biscayne, Florida, I was introduced to a product he dubbed ‘black gold’ ....When I began giving my epileptic child this product, the petit ma1 seizures, which had been continuous for 13 years, stopped literally overnight...Could these beneficial microorganisms emit substances which are useful to the human intestine, and work against foreign matter or other debris found in the intestine? Could these microorganisms, as they grow in colonies, emit substances which stimulate the body’s response to produce antibodies, which are an immune stimulator, which in turn amplify and stabilize the body’s immune system? All I know for sure is that this product knocked out my child’s petit ma1 seizures, and has increased my energy level and stamina."

-R.E. McMaster
The Reaper

As we’ve stated earlier, the amazing immune-stimulating benefits produced by the actions of the SBO’s in EarthFlora have been demonstrated in literally hundreds of individual cases over the past 12 years. The examples above are just a small fraction of the personal testimonials from users of this amazing product. Clinical trials now underway in Mexico, Venezuela, Spain and other countries will provide even more detailed documentation of the amazing healing effects being experienced by individuals when this product is used regularly.

In the meantime, laboratory examinations of this product have provided some fascinating in-depth insights into how it works in the human body, and why such dramatic healing and immune-stimulation benefits are being experienced by so many individuals with such a diversity of illnesses and disease.

In the course of these laboratory analyses, three totally unique immune-stimulation actions have been discovered. Each of these three specific actions constitute major new breakthroughs in orthomolecular medicine that offer profound ramifications for modern medical science. To our knowledge, medical science has so far no single development which can duplicate these three extremely powerful immune-stimulating actions. They are as follows:

Action #l: Stimulation of the Body’s Natural Alpha Interferon Production

According to Dr. Peter Rothschild, who has conducted in-depth laboratory analyses of EarthFlora and the beneficial SBO’s it contains, one of the chief actions of the SBO’s once they are firmly established in the gastrointestinal tract, is to stimulate the body’s own natural production of alpha-interferon.

Alpha-interferon is a paramount polypeptide-a protein form molecule-that was discovered in the human body in 1956 and has been proven to be a key regulator of the human immune response. Since its discovery, it has been universally acknowledged by science that the development of a widely useable man-made form of alpha-interferon would embody profound hope for the cure of many diseases in the future. Unfortunately, to date science has failed to develop a form of alpha-interferon that could live up to the high expectations held for it since its discovery in the human body.

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Medical science’s recombinantly derived alpha-interferon has found only limited applications, with limited beneficial effects. For one, the extreme dosages (i.e., multi-million unit daily doses) required in order to stimulate immune response in humans have proven to be highly toxic. Achieving a pure form of the element has also been a major problem for medical science. What’s more, the man-made alpha-interferon has proven to be prohibitively costly to manufacture and utilize, with individual treatments costing thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Additionally distressing is the fact that the recombinant-derived interferons used by medical science today have only a single species of alpha-interferon which exerts a very low immune-stimulation response, whereas the interferons produced naturally by the human body are multi-specie in nature [The healthy human leukocyte cell can produce up to twenty different sub-species of alpha-interferon-Ed.], and exert an extremely aggressive immune response.

Moreover, science now knows that the reason the human body produces so many different sub-species of alpha-interferon is because different sub-species are required to protect the cells against different viruses and other antigens. No single sub-species of endogenous (i.e., body-produced) alpha-interferon can protect the human system against the variety of harmful invaders with which it must regularly contend. Therefore, the limited immune benefits of the expensive, single-species alpha-interferon produced by medical science simply cannot hold a candle to vast immune benefits of the multi-species of alpha-interferon produced naturally by the human body itself.

In laboratory tests performed by Dr. Rothschild, the actions of the soil-based organisms contained in EarthFlora have been shown to uniquely stimulate the human body’s own production of not less than 16 of the possible 20 sub-species of natural human alpha-interferon! Dr. Rothschild speculates that it is this incredible stimulation of the body’s production of its own natural alpha-interferon which has caused EarthFlora to be shown so highly effective in the treatment of a wide variety of chronic degenerative diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, viral herpes, hepatitis-B and C, influenza, and much more. To date, we know of no other product which can achieve such a profound immune-stimulating action.

What’s more, according to Dr. Rothschild, "The anti-viral activity stimulated by the SBO’s in EarthFlora is even more clear, for the virus-antagonistic effect of alpha-interferon has long been documented by worldwide scientific investigation...Our research has identified over 50 different immune modulating effects to date...This research has produced ample evidence indicating that EarthFlora exerts a potent immune-modulatory influence with significant clinical benefits to patients who suffer from a variety of viral aggressions or other immunopathic, degenerative conditions." [Emphasis ours-Ed.]

Additionally, Dr. Rothschild has found that, "Since EarthFlora does not contain any toxic, addictive or otherwise dangerous substance, it is totally harmless and provides the particular elements required for stimulating both the body’s T-cell production and their quality. It also eliminates the need for poisonously high-dose and inordinately expensive alpha-interferon injections."

In short, it now appears that the SBO’s in EarthFlora are unique in that their actions in the human gastrointestinal tract are somehow able to stimulate the body's production of the vast majority of subspecies of its own alpha-interferon, thereby dramatically enhancing the immune system’s ability to ward off illness and disease. T-lymphocyte production is greatly boosted, and the anti-viral activity of the immune system is vastly stimulated as a direct effect of the increased alpha-interferon production.

What’s more, because the alpha-interferon produced as a result of the ingestion of EarthFlora is endogenous (i.e., body-produced) it is also far more assimilable by the human immune system than medical science’s recombinantly-derived alpha-interferon. And, the over-whelming problems of purity and toxicity are completely eliminated through the use of EarthFlora, since it merely stimulates the body to produce its own naturally pure forms.

Lastly, instead of medical science having to indulge in vastly ineffective immune system treatments costing thousands upon thousands of dollars as they now do with their recombinantly-derived alpha-interferon, dramatic and highly effective immune-stimulating results can be achieved in the human body for a tiny fraction of the cost through the use of EarthFlora!

Action #2: Stimulation of B-lymphocytes and Related Antibody Production

Once established in the gastrointestinal tract, the SBO’s in EarthFlora quickly begin producing a protein bio-mass which the body reacts to as an antigen (i.e., a foreign substance). In response to the antigenic bio-mass, the body immediately begins producing huge quantities of B-lymphocytes, which in turn produce huge quantities of antibodies.

According to Dr. Rothschild’s extensive laboratory experimentation and analyses, the antibodies produced by the immune system in reaction to the antigenic bio-mass from the SBO’s are extremely unique in that they are "non-addressed" antibodies. That is, they have not been "pre-programmed" by the immune system to attack any specific infection or pathogenic agent.

Instead, huge pools of these antibodies are produced as long as the SBO’s are ingested on a regular basis, and they are kept in reserve by the body for use whenever needed by the immune system. If an actual infection takes hold, or a specific pathogen invades the body, the immune system then instantly-at a moment’s notice "imprints" this large reservoir of otherwise innocuous antibodies with the precise information needed to attack the specific infection or pathogenic agent at hand. Then, quite rapidly and with incredible effectiveness, this huge pool of antibodies goes to work -attacking the infection or pathogen at once, and wipes it out.

As explained by Dr. Rothschild, "The beauty of it all is that this huge reservoir of extra antibodies is always on hand for the immune system to utilize, as long as the individual is ingesting the SBO’s regularly. Without the SBO’s, this reservoir of extra antibodies is completely unavailable. Thus, by ingesting the SBO’s regularly, the effectiveness of the human immune system is vastly enhanced. This extra contingent of antibodies is always there to attack infection, therefore the immune system doesn’t have to work as it normally would to fight off infection."

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In a nutshell, it appears that the SBO’s in EarthFlora stimulate the human immune system to produce huge pools of extra antibodies-unique, non-specific antibodies which the immune system can encode whenever necessary to light off many different types of infection or pathogenic agents. Thanks to these billions of extra antibodies, the human system can be kept far safer from infection or invading pathogens than ever before. With this unusual immuno-stimulatory effect caused by the SBO’s in EarthFlora, the human body can now act far more effectively to protect itself from infection or invading pathogens.

Action #3: Crucial- Lactoferrin Supplementation to the Human Body

Dr. Rothschild has discovered that one of the most amazing aspects of the SBO’s used in EarthFlora is their ability to produce lactoferrin in the human body as a byproduct of their metabolism. Lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein, is a vital element to the human body in that it is specifically utilized to retrieve iron from the foods we ingest, and then deliver the iron wherever it is needed by the body. Because the affinity of lactoferrin for iron is very high, it is able to retain and transport iron even through the harsh gastric environment, so it can be delivered to the small intestine where it is absorbed by specific receptors on the epithelial cells.

Unfortunately, lactoferrin levels are often not high enough in the human body for a variety of reasons. As a consequence, many people have trouble properly assimilating the iron they’ve ingested through the foods they eat. And because their body is not assimilating iron properly, symptoms of iron deficiency appear, even though plenty of iron is being ingested on a daily basis.

This problem is further compounded today, because Americans are literally inundated with advertisements from vitamin manufacturers telling them they need to take iron supplements. What's more, many doctors tell their patients they are suffering from "iron poor blood" and need to ingest supplemental iron tablets. In reality, what most Americans need to do is increase their bodily levels of lactoferrin, so that the iron from the foods they eat-which is more than adequate for the human system-is more thoroughly assimilated.

In fact, as Dr. Peter Rothschild points out in his recently published research report on the Biology of Lactoferrin, "Of the 750 million people on this planet who suffer from iron deficiency symptoms, less than half of them suffer from any actual lack of iron in their diet." Instead, he explains, their iron deficiency symptoms are due chiefly to metabolic problems (such as those caused by insufficient levels of lactoferrin) that hinder the assimilation of iron from the food they eat, or because of low bio-accessibility of the ingested iron.

Of course, this creates a serious problem when individuals suffering from alleged "iron deficiency" begin taking iron supplements. What happens is that the additional iron being ingested does absolutely nothing to alleviate the iron deficiency symptoms, because it, too, remains unassimilated by the body, As a result, the body becomes inundated with iron that it simply cannot assimilate and utilize.

Worse yet, that excess iron soon begins to support the growth of infectious agents throughout the human body, due to the fact that harmful bacteria, yeasts, viruses and other parasites have a continuous metabolic need for iron, and tend to thrive in an iron-rich environment!

On the other hand, when iron is carried through the body by lactoferrin, as it is meant to be, greater than 95% of it is assimilable. The lactoferrin carries the iron directly to the specific receptor sites in the body where iron is meant to be absorbed and utilized. And because it is attached to lactoferrin, the iron cannot be absorbed and utilized by the bacteria, viruses, yeasts and other harmful parasites that require it for their metabolism. These harmful organisms are simply unable to capture and utilize iron in the presence of lactorferrin!

What all of this means, according to Dr. Rothschild, is that "one of lactoferrin’s primary functions in the human body is to act as a first line of defense against all invading pathogens."

In short, lactoferrin not only makes the iron we absorb from food readily assimilable by the human body (thereby eliminating iron-deficiency symptoms), it also deprives infectious organisms of this crucial element needed for their survival and growth. In a sense, it starves to death harmful organisms in the human body by depriving them of iron, thus short-circuiting their metabolic functions!

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Rothschild’s research has shown that the SBO’s in EarthFlora produce lactoferrin in the human body as a result of their own metabolism. So by taking EarthFlora regularly, your body will be far better able to absorb, assimilate and utilize the iron supplied by the food you eat. Iron supplements should become completely unnecessary, once your body begins taking advantage of the increased levels of lactoferrin supplied by the EarthFlora.

More importantly, the lactoferrin produced by the SBO’s in EarthFlora will capture and bind the iron in your body so that harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast and other invaders cannot utilize it in their own metabolism. As a direct result, these pathogenic organisms can be stopped dead in their tracks before having a chance to cause infection in your body.

EarthFlora’s Unique Immune-Stimulating Actions

In summary, the beneficial SBO’s used in EarthFlora provide an exclusive triple action level of immune-stimulation that is unavailable through any other therapeutic development we know of.

They stimulate the body’s own natural alpha-interferon production, thereby providing markedly increased T-lymphocyte levels, dramatically increased viral resistance, and a high level of protection against chronic degenerative disease unattainable by modern medical science up until now;
They also stimulate the production of crucial B-lymphocytes and related anti-bodies, providing the immune system with a huge extra reservoir of anti-pathogenic defense organisms that are available for use at a moment’s notice;
They directly produce much-needed lactoferrin for the human body, which helps protect it from invading pathogens by depriving them of the iron they need in order to survive in the human system.
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More Amazing Therapeutic Benefits

In addition to all of the above-described immuno-therapeutic benefits, the SBO’s in EarthFlora also produce and/or stimulate a vast number of other important health-related benefits. Dr. Rothschild’s laboratory research on EarthFlora has shown that it produces at least 50 distinct beneficial immune-modulating effects alone. In addition to the immune-modulating effects, it also directly produces and/or stimulates a number of crucial cellular health benefits.

Stimulates Cellular Self-Repair

For example, as a result of their action in the human system, the SBO’s contained in EarthFlora produce a wide array of DNA with their correspondent RNA. What’s important about this is that the DNA/RNA produced by the SBO’s is of the specific type which is very desirable for the human body, because it carries the naturally-coded instructions for the activation of self-repair in certain human cells.

It is believed that this specific factor is the reason many users of EarthFlora have reported incredible accelerations of wound healing, particularly in regards to severe skin burns, ulcers, surgical incisions, and even in wounds that had become infected. Apparently, the DNA/ RNA produced by the SBO’s helps aid the body in activating cellular self-repair by making available a pool of extra DNA/RNA that is immediately available to the cells, and can go right to work whenever injury occurs.

Provides Powerful Anti-Oxidants

But the therapeutic benefits don’t end with the production of cell-repairing DNA and RNA. Another interesting action of the SBO’s in EarthFlora is that they produce SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) as a byproduct of their metabolism in the human system. SOD is a powerful enzyme and cellular anti-oxidant that acts as a super-scavenger of dangerous free-radicals by ferreting out and destroying them throughout the body.

This is important, because free-radicals are highly active and unstable, and will attack any molecule in the body. Organ or tissue damage can occur whenever production of free-radicals exceeds that of scavenger enzymes such as SOD, which are the first-line defense system of the body’s tissues.

But because very few foods contain SOD, our bodies are often deficient in this all-important enzyme. Thus, the damaging effects of free-radicals (such as superoxide radical 02 which induces cancer and a variety of painful inflammatory diseases as well) often goes unchecked. By introducing SOD into the human system on a regular basis, such as through the use of EarthFlora, many of these dangerous free-radicals can be easily extinguished before they can harm the cells.

What’s more, studies conducted at Johns Hopkins University have shown that SOD eliminates or greatly reduces tissue damage in the heart (particularly after a heart attack). Plus, it can also reduce tissue damage in the kidneys, the intestines, the pancreas and the skin. This is because the enzymatic activity of SOD greatly increases the efficiency of energy production within the cells of organ tissues, allowing them to nourish and repair themselves at a more efficient and effective rate.

By using EarthFlora on a regular basis, your body will be assured of receiving beneficial amounts of this all-important enzyme, as well as literally dozens of others.

Correct Nutrient Absorption Deficiencies

In addition to all of the startling health benefits detailed above, EarthFlora also provides a unique level of micronutrient support for the human body that is unparalleled in any other therapeutic product we’ve ever investigated. More importantly, this special level of micronutrient support acts to correct nutrient absorption deficiencies in the body, thereby giving the human system the ability to obtain all of the nutrients it needs from daily food intake, rather than having to depend upon a plethora of nutrient supplements. Here’s how it works:

Most nutrient supplement products are very similar in that they are based upon the premise that the human body is simply not getting enough nutrients from the food it ingests on a daily basis. Therefore, most of today’s nutrient supplement products are designed to inundate the body with medium-to-large dosages of nutrients in order to make up for the alleged deficit of nutrients in the food supply.

But this form of nutrient supplementation rarely works well, because the premise it is based upon is patently false. As Dr. Rothschild points out in his recent research report entitled Bio-Active Micronutrient Minerals: Biological Response Modifiers, "A specific or multiple mineral deficit in a human body usually does NOT imply that there is a corresponding deficit of these minerals in the individual’s daily nutrition...Instead, the real problem in such individuals is a chronic absorption deficiency."

In other words, as a general rule there are plenty of nutrients in the foods we eat, but due to aging, abuse or other factors, our bodies are having a difficult time absorbing these nutrients. So, in reality, flooding the human body with high-dose nutrient supplements is of little benefit, because the whole problem in the first place is the body’s inability to properly absorb nutrients!

That’s where EarthFlora is distinctly different-and far more effective-than all other nutrient supplements. Instead of inundating the body with overly-high levels of supplemental nutrients, it instead provides a wide array of key nutrients in special micronutrient dosages. These tiny microscopic dosages are so easy for the body to assimilate that they act as veritable blueprints for the body, showing it how to properly absorb the other nutrients that are already available to it in quite adequate levels through daily food intake.

In a very real sense, the special microscopic dosages of nutrients supplied in EarthFlora act as biological "data," literally providing the cells of the human body with an "absorption pattern" which shows them how to effectively assimilate and utilize the higher levels of nutrients contained in most foods. In short, the micronutrients in EarthFlora "teach" the body how to properly and effectively absorb the nutrients normally available in the foods we eat.

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Dr. Rothschild’s research has revealed that some of the key micronutrients made available to the body through the ingestion of EarthFlora are actually produced as byproducts of the metabolism of the SBO’s once they enter the body. Other micronutrients are contained within the SBO's themselves, and are made available to the human body as the SBO’s die off and the body digests them. And still other micronutri-ents are contained in the freshly-cultivated phyto-plankton (i.e., blue-green algae) cells that are used in EarthFlora as a nutrient substrate.

There are at least 71 naturally occurring nutrients available in EarthFlora, or provided as a byproduct of the metabolism of the SBO’s contained in the product. These include numerous beneficial pigments such as chlorophyll and phytocyanin, plus amino acids, vitamins (including the crucial B-12), minerals, key enzymes (including S.O.D. and bromelain), nucleic acids, proteins, and much more.

Additionally, EarthFlora contains the immune-stimulating, cancer-preventing vitamin A precursor known as beta-carotene. It also supplies the body with Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), which is one of the essential fatty acids without which the body could not produce hormones. In fact, without GLA the endocrine system cannot even function. [Note that the human body is unable to synthesize GLA, and often has a hard time extracting it from foods. EarthFlora solves this problem completely-Ed.]

These nutrients are available in such microscopic dosages that they are rapidly and easily absorbed into the human cellular system, and thereby act as biological response modifiers-i.e., they literally help the body modify its ability to absorb larger dosages of nutrients from natural food sources.

No other product we know of today can do this for you. The micronutrients supplied in EarthFlora literally "guide" your system in the proper absorption of nutrients from foods, and thereby dramatically increase your body’s ability to grow and heal itself. By taking EarthFlora, along with maintaining a healthy daily diet, your body will have all of the nutritional support necessary for cellular repair and growth, thereby enabling it to more effectively ward off illness and disease such as cancer, even as the body ages!

One Final Note

It’s not difficult to see why this incredible all-natural breakthrough has been able to produce such remarkable healing and immune-stimulating results. The vast array of completely unique immune-boosting and health-promoting benefits found in this product are, to our knowledge, unmatched by any other development in orthomolecular medicine to date.

What’s more, we have to admit that in this rather lengthy special report, we were only able to scratch the surface in describing the multitude of possible therapeutic benefits produced by this unusual product. It would literally require a full-length book to document the whole story.

Until then, we are extremely grateful that we have been allowed to study some of the important laboratory research data on EarthFlora which has been produced over the course of the past 12 years, and we are most appreciative for being given the opportunity to be put in touch with some of the key researchers who have worked on this product. Without this access to proprietary research documentation, this extensive report would not have been possible. We are now convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that EarthFlora promises to be one of the most beneficial breakthroughs of the 21st century.

As we’ve emphasized over and over again in previous issues of The BioTech News, in this Day of Strange Diseases it is now more important than ever before that you take steps to re-build and maintain the integrity of your immune system-particularly if you are over 30 years old. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait until the 21st century in order to take maximum advantage of the plethora of immune-stimulating benefits provided by EarthFlora.

In conclusion, we have to say that we’re more excited about this particular all-natural therapeutic product than any other immune-building breakthrough we’ve investigated in the course of the past few years.

Distribution Update

This article was originally published in 1993. In early 1995, Life Science Products, Inc., obtained the worldwide marketing rights to Earth Flora. This original SBO formula is currently being sold under the new label named, Body Biotics™. Notwithstanding the research referred to in this article, Life Science Products does not condone, endorse, promote or support the making of any medical or health claims, that the use of Body Biotics™ is effective in the treatment, prevention, mitigation or remediation of illness, diseases or medical conditions. For medical advice, one should consult one's own personal physician or medical advisor before making any personal or family health-care decisions.

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