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What are Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) Probiotics?

SBOs are living beneficial strains of foreign but friendly soil-based organisms. These essential friendly bacteria use to be a regular part of our normal daily diet until the end of the 19th century. Around that time, began the introduction of pesticides, chemicals, and food processing, which quickly diminished the “farm to table” ingestion of raw fruits and vegetables containing these life-sustaining organ- isms. When these friendly organisms were ingested, as a natural part of our daily food source, they would act as a buffer to safeguard and maintain a healthy natural intestinal flora (microbiota or friendly bacteria.) They were helpful to our overall well -being by producing benefits in the body such as: the natural production of our own antibodies boosting the immune system, improved digestion, greater absorption of all nutrients; and most importantly, they worked to rid the body of disease causing organisms (pathogens) and other deadly toxins.

What is a PREbiotic?

PREbiotics is a term coined long after their discovery, (by Prof. Gibson & colleague, Dr. Marcel Rober- froid of Louvain University in Brussels, 1995.) The word is generally defined as consisting of non-digestible food fibers which stimulate the growth and activity of certain bacteria in the intestines.Therefore, a PREbiotic must escape digestion in the upper Gastro-Intestinal (GI) tract so that it can be released in the lower GI tract to be used as food for the beneficial microorganisms in the colon. PRE-biotics consist mainly of oligosaccharides (sugar molecules of 3-6 chains and soluble fiber) that coatmucus membranes and are found in plants, saliva, and breast milk. This could be a significant reason why breast fed babies are healthier; they are being naturally provided the ingredients necessary tofight off harmful organisms and help increase the development of beneficial ones. Unlike PRObiotics,PREbiotic living organisms are not destroyed when cooked.

Why are Prebiotics Important?

To truly be an effective PRObiotics, you need PREbiotic whole food nutrients to encourage PRObiotic organisms to survive and thrive in the human gut. Beneficial bacteria must be introduced in the dietdaily, and fed proper food to help them adhere to the intestinal wall, rather than simply pass throughthe digestive tract. By maintaining a healthy balance of friendly bacteria, a "crowding out" of undesir- able organisms (known as competitive exclusion) promotes better gut integrity and function, increases immune function, and improves nutrition absorption. There is mounting scientific evidence that the symbiotic relationship between PREbiotics & PRObiotics significantly contribute to improved overall health of the entire body.

Why do you call your Probiotics an SBO Probiotics Consortia?

All Probiotics originate from the soil. In nature, they are found in teams of multiple strains, known as a Consortia. Most manufacturers isolate each individual strain and remove them from their natural environment, then culture them individually on some form of growth medium to produce them in large numbers of colony forming units (know as CFUs). They are then extracted and freeze dried for future use. While this process works to multiply the organisms by the billions, it does not necessarily produce strong, healthy, and hardy strains because they have been removed from their symbiotic re- lationship with nature and each other. In contrast, Body Biotics preserves the integrity of nature by culturing a selected, proven, safe group of organisms (consortia) in their natural primal food source (a plant-based growth host medium of humic and fulvic acids, vitamins, and trace minerals). These organisms, over a period of time, are nourished and trained to work in harmony (symbiotic re- lationship) with each other for the ultimate benefit of the human body. Once they are mature, this process creates a super breed of organisms (a Seals Team... if you will) that are then naturally dehy- drated (never freeze-dried) and encapsulated in this same food source in which they were cultured.Our PRE/PRObioitics are never removed from their food source; therefore they are always alive and thriving.

What are the growth host medium minerals and trace elements?

The “growth host medium” is the food supply for the living organisms. It sustains their life pre-ingestion and pro- vides the necessary nutrition post-ingestion to keep them alive and thriving. They have a broad spectrum of vita-mins, minerals, and trace elements. Although they are a constant reminder to the body to produce and absorb these various elements, their primary purpose is to feed and nourish the microorganisms (friendly bacteria) in our product. Body Biotics, by itself, is not a primary source or substitute for the requirements we all have for a good daily multi-ple vitamin, such as those nutrients provided in our Life’s Green Essentials™ product.

What makes Body Biotics different from other Probiotics?

Here are just a few of the differences between Body Biotics SBO Probiotics Consortia™ and most other Probiotics:Our Probiotics are encapsulated in a proprietary primal food source; they contain both Prebiotics and a Probiotic; they have never been freeze-dried; they are a natural consortia of soil borne organisms; they do not require refrig- eration; they are dormant, alive and thriving; and they offer a shelf life of 5 years or more.

What is a Colony Forming Unit (CFU?)

CFUs are a measure by which companies can identify the number of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) originally avail- able at the moment of extracting the organisms from their growth host medium. The indication of large numbers of CFUs is NO GUARANTEE of the efficacy of any given Probiotic formula. In fact, according to a leading Microbiologist and Probiotics expert, Professor Lee Dexter, “CFUs have little to nothing to do with the efficacy of a Probiotics Supplement.” Then she explains, “If the organisms are alive at the time they were ex- tracted but have no food source to sustain them, then they are alive and dying from that moment forward. Unfortunately, there is no way for consumers to know how many CFUs are actually available at the time of ingestion. Even if you are consuming xx billion CFUs, if they are not packaged in their food source, they will not be able to reconstitute themselves and multiply before they are dead in the upper GI tract. That doesn’t mean that you won’t receive some benefit; however, do not expect any profound changes in your overall health. The truth is, you need to look for Probiotics that are alive and dormant, thriving on their own natural food source, with living Prebiotic organisms as part of the formula. Probiotic/Prebiotic Consortia™, encapsulated in their natural food source, gener- ally do not use the term CFUs because these types of Probiotics are not finite. They are living organisms that multiply by the billions once ingested and according to the condition of each individual that consumes them.“

Does Body Biotics™ have wheat, soy, dairy, yeast, salt, egg, sugar, or any kind of fillers/preservatives?

No, Body Biotics™ is pure and natural. Absolutely nothing has been added to alter their nature.

Does Body Biotics help fight infection anywhere in the body or only in the digestive tract?

The initial and greatest impact is in the GI tract which represents about 80% of your immune function. Therefore, it is naturally systemic and provides whole body benefits.

How does it survive in hydrochloric acid in the stomach?

Some of the organisms in Body Biotics™ actually have an affinity for a more acidic environment. These organisms have lived in nature and have been consumed by humans since the beginning of time; encapsulated in the humic and fulvic acids they transit successfully. For example: if you take a pond that is teaming with algae one year and then the next year there is a drought, you can’t see the living organisms; but none the less, they are dormant await- ing nature to revive them all over again when the rains return. This process has occurred for billions of years, and by using this same natural process to produce Body Biotics™, we have incorporated these primal principles to pro- vide a safe, natural, effective SBO Probiotic/Prebiotic Consortia™.

Why do you have to continue taking them for life? Don’t they reproduce?

As it relates to soil based organisms—lifestyle, diet, environment, medical history, genetics, etc., can all effect the SBO’s ability to implant and reproduce. Generally speaking, everyone’s health is better served by supplementing our intestinal flora on a daily basis. Additionally, nature did not intend for these organisms to take up residence inside the human body, thus the soil based components of Body Biotics are transient. They service the body for about 72 hours and then are eliminated; therefore they need to be constantly replaced, as they would be if our normal food supply still contained these life-giving organisms.

Why does Body Biotics not require refrigeration?

Most Probiotics are separated from their food source. They are considered alive and active, which means, as any life form, they are also dying. Refrigeration retards the dying process, providing greater longevity. This is why many companies require or suggest refrigeration or use some sort of coating to protect the organisms. Our Probiotics are alive and thriving in their own natural food source, but rendered dormant until activated by saliva, juice, or water. Refrigeration is not required for greater longevity.

Can I take it during pregnancy and/or nursing?

As a generalization: If you have been taking the product for 3-6 months or more before conception, then you should have gone through the natural stage of detoxification and cleansing; therefore, you may continue use. If not, Body Biotics is not intended or recommended for use during pregnancy or nursing. The detoxification process natural to taking this product could be stressful or harmful for both you and the baby. However….we do highly recommend Body Biotics for any woman who wishes to become pregnant. This form of cleansing will prepare the body to support a more healthy microbiata (healthy balance of friendly/unfriendly bacteria) which is naturally passed on to a newborn child. A healthy microbiata is critical for long-term health and wellbeing of a child.

Do digestive enzyme supplements help/hurt?

Body Biotics helps provide the co-factors necessary to boost production of your own natural enzyme activity, result- ing in better digestion of your food. If you are currently taking enzyme supplements, you should continue using them until you have been on Body Biotics for several months. In most cases, customers have been able to cut back to 1-3 a day based on eating habits. Body Biotics is not a substitute for the body’s deficiencies. If you have a nutritional enzyme deficiency in any area, you may need to supplement with that nutrient until you reach your desired results.

Can I continue taking/ reduce/ eliminate vitamin and mineral supplements?

Body Biotics is NOT a substitute for other nutritional needs. Body Biotics, in time, should provide for greater nutri- tional absorption/utilization which would permit a reduction in the quantity of your daily supplementation, as much as 50% less. For example: Many people need enzyme supplementation due to the condition of the gut, however, because of the nature of our product and how it works with your body to do its own job better, many people have been able to reduce their enzyme intake down from 2 or 3 per meal to 1 or 2 per day. You will notice over time that Body Biotics sets the body up to function more optimally, and thereby absorb and utilize all nutrition/supplements more fully and completely.

Will an occasional alcoholic drink or coffee kill the entire flora?

NO, in fact, many have reported that taking Body Biotics after having a drink or two can actually help reduce the negative effects of alcohol the next day. However, you should not take Body Biotics with any hot beverage.

Will it interfere with other medications? Can you take this if you are taking heart medication?

Consult with your prescribing physician. If a person is on an auto-immune suppressant, it is not recommended to take this product. Additionally, with an improved intestinal tract, you may start absorbing more of everything including medications, so consult with your physician on this matter.

Should I change my diet?

A whole food diet is always beneficial to your overall wellbeing. We suggest consulting with your physician before making any significant dietary changes.

Can I take it with antibiotics, or do I stop completely and wait until I finish the antibiotics? And, if I stop taking them, do I have to start over with one a day?

Of course, antibiotics kill both the good and the bad bacteria, so staying on Body Biotics while taking them is an issue of preference. It doesn’t hurt to stay on Body Biotics while taking antibiotics, though we can’t be sure of how much it might help. So, the choice is up to you. Should you choose to go off of them, you’ll want to resume taking them as soon as you have completed your antibiotic prescription. We don’t suggest going back to the same dose as before. You should start with one or two for a few days and then ramp back up every few days to your previous daily dosage.

Does Body Biotics help with Cancer, Aids, Crohn’s, Lou Gehrig’s, and other serious diseases?

Body Biotics is not intended to treat, prevent, or cure any disease. Body Biotics helps to restore balance between the friendly and unfriendly bacteria (pathogens) in your GI tract where 80% of your immune function takes place.So if you are addressing 80% of the immune system everyday, your end results put the body in condition to protect and defend itself.

If the body is really being challenged, can a person take more than 6 capsules per day?

We have many customers over the years who have safely ingested as many as 18 or 20 a day (or more as needed) to balance the intestinal flora, boost the immune system, and restore the body to optimal health. There is no health risk with a greater amount. Every person has their own experience and it is difficult to recommend a higher dosage for any individual case. If you choose to ramp up to higher dosages, just be sure to take it slowly so the body can keep up with the natural elimination of toxic waste.

Why does it have to be taken 30 minutes before or 2 hours after a meal? Does it still work if I take 1, 2, or 3 with any meal? Right after a meal? Without food?

It can be taken at anytime. However, for maximum results, we recommend 20 to 30 minutes before a meal be- cause the solid food helps drag the organisms further down the intestinal tract, thus improving efficacy.

Does Body Biotics help kill parasites, yeast, fungus, and mold?

It is superb for addressing any unfriendly organism within the body... Yes!

I’ve heard people usually detox on Body Biotics. Is this how I will know it is working?

You will know it is working when you start to experience an increase in any of the following: bloating or gas; diarrhea or constipation; slight nausea; low fever or mild flu-like symptoms; darker stools; stronger odor from elimina- tion; slight headache; to name a few. Don’t be alarmed… unlike drugs which suppress the symptoms and never address the cause, your natural healing process is to mildly go through the symptom in order to get to the root cause of the symptom. If, at any time, these symptoms seem too uncomfortable then reduce the dose you are tak- ing. Approximately 95% of our customers experience only mild, almost unnoticeable, responses. The other 5% may respond more strongly with as little as one capsule. This is normal and a great indication that your gut really needs the help of BODY BIOTICS…so please press on, but press on slowly.

I do not see Lactoferrin in the ingredient list for your Probiotics. Can you tell me if this product is helpful for someone with iron deficiencies?

Lactoferrin is not in the ingredient list because it is a by-product of the formula so it can't legally be listed as such. However, we do list 3 mg (15%) of iron in the supplement panel. What is most important to understand is how Body Biotics works. Once ingested, it works to help the body deal with all iron by sequestering it away from the unfriendly bacteria (pathogens) and will only release iron to the proper receptors that feed and support the body. Generally speaking, we get a lot of iron from our diets, the bigger problem is that our body is not absorbing it properly or it becomes food for unfriendly bacteria. This is one reason that our Probiotic is so important. If your Doctor insists that you take an iron supplement, by all means do so; and take Body Biotics so that you get the full benefit of the extra iron by sequestering it away from unfriendly bacteria. Make sure your doctor checks your iron levels in about 6 weeks for any improvement which may allow you to omit supplementing iron from your daily routine. Note: the iron in our product is a critical substance required to help sustain the life of the SBOs.

Why do I seem so hungry as I am increasing my daily dosage of Body Biotics?

At some point, and it is different for everyone, you get enough of the SBO Probiotics into the gut that these friendly bacteria begin starving out the unfriendly bacteria. When this happens, the unfriendly bacteria are fighting to sur- vive, causing the body to crave more sweets and junk foods for them to stay alive. This can be uncomfortable, but it is most certainly good news for your body. It will pass, so try to find a way to push through this temporary stage. As you continue to ramp up higher on your dosage, you are creating long term improvement in the gut flora which means a stronger immune system. By doing this, the body will begin to address many other hidden health issues, some of which, you may not even know about.


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