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SBO Probiotics — Long Term Safety Affirmed

Q. I read somewhere online that it is not safe to use SBO Probiotics long-term. Is this true?

A. We cannot speak for other Probiotics that may contain SBOs (Soil Based Organisms), however, as this question relates to Body BioticsTM, our formula was in process and under review for more than five years with the support of Professors at some of California’s finest university laboratories, as well as, three separate clinic studies conducted by world renown MD and Surgeon, Dr. Peter Rothschild, before ever going to market.During this timeframe, extreme measures were taken to ensure that only the safest and most compatible friendly soil borne organisms were selected for our Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia. What we can assure our customers is that the organisms included in our super strain of Pre/Probiotics were selected from nature and are the same life-sustaining species that have been ingested from our organic fruits and vegetables since the beginning of time. For someone to say that taking these specific SBOs long-term could be harmful, is flawed information that may have originally come from some legitimate source but is untrue relative to Body BioticsTM.

Additionally, Body BioticsTM has been used by many customers for more than 20-25 years. We have both medical and alternative professionals who have recommended our product to their patients for many years. Every species of bacteria in our formula is listed on the FDA GRAS list (General Recognized as Safe.) And, finally, BODY BIOTICS INTERNATIONAL has provided more than 700 pages of research and peer reviewed studies to support the safety and efficacy of our formula, in our 2010 FDA Structure/Function submission letter. With 37 years in the marketplace, Body BioticsTM is one of the oldest, most studied and peer-reviewed Probiotics formulas in existence today.


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