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Since my recent success in network marketing, distributors who have heard the story of my impoverished beginnings have asked me, "How did you get from poverty to abundance, from childhood fears of hopelessness to the belief that you could create success, from self-doubt to self confidence?" I've searched my heart for an accurate answer only to find that there is no one single bit of wisdom. We've all heard of the, so-called overnight success stories, but if we really knew the sacrifices and struggles that those people went through to get there, we would have a much greater respect for the journey and their accomplishments. Equally, we would not be so hard on ourselves when it doesn't work the first time.

So, the truth is, there have been many turning points and many great people standing at every corner to help point the way. However, if I had but one piece of wisdom to share with you, it would be the belief in oneself, in love, in joy, in abundance, in goodwill of others, and, most of all, in something far greater than oneself. And for me, developing a belief that strong, has taken many years of my life to manifest. In face, I had spent much of my adult life, so disillusioned by the pains of my childhood, that much of the time I was very suicidal. This was a dark deep secret that lived inside of me. Even my best friends had no idea of the agonizing pain that held my mind hostage to those early beginnings. On the outside, I looked happy and stable, I even looked successful, and to a large degree, compared to where I came from, I was. But success isn't about dollars! That's just the manifestation of your core beliefs. So, for me, doing battle with that demon was my greatest challenge.

The first major turning point came at age twenty-six, after ending a marriage to a violent unstable husband, when I mustered up every ounce of courage possible and with $840 in my pocket and two children (age 5 and 6), made a desperate attempt to escape the dismal prospects of life on a dilapidated tobacco farm in South Carolina. I had never been west of the Mississippi, but somewhere deep in my soul, I knew that I had to make a drastic change if I were ever going to create the life that I had often fantasized about as a child.

It's hard to express in words just exactly what making such a choice represented in the scope of things, but I'll try. As a young child I was very hopeful, full of joy and delight, but by the time I reached six, childhood abuse had already taken its toll. I became timid, and literally afraid to breath, for fear of being noticed. I was terrified of life, of making choices, of taking chances, of making a mistake that might bring down the wrath of my father. Playing it safe and being very diplomatic became second nature to me, as well as, being humble and meek. These are not exactly traits that will bring great success in life. And breaking through these solid walls can be almost impossible.

I remember, so well, the days and weeks before I left South Carolina. I was terrified to go and even more terrified to stay. So afraid, that at times I felt totally paralyzed. I would become so numb with fear that I couldn't even feel my body. The only thing that gave me the courage to plunge forward was the fact that the fear of staying was even greater. I would like to tell you that it was because I had all of these beliefs in great things, but the truth is, I only had a prayer, a prayer that I wasn't wrong, that somewhere out there were people who cared, people who could teach me all of the good things that, to date, I had only dreamt of. I'm sharing all of this with you, because, all too often, people look at me when their own doubts begin to surface and say, "But Kelli, of course, you can do this. Look at how outgoing you are and all of the years of experience you have." And, yes that is true, but it didn't used to be.

So, if I can move beyond such overwhelming fears, so can each of you.One of the greatest contributors, to overcoming my fears and creating a belief in the wonders of life was, my first experience in network marketing. Three days after arriving in Phoenix, Arizona, while sitting at a coffee counter checking the help wanted ads, a fellow customer turned to me and said, "If you're looking for a new career, I might have just the thing for you." I was ecstatic! I thought the heavens had opened right up and plopped this guy down beside me for the soul purpose of rescuing my day.

A few hours later, I arrived at the address he had given me and faced a crowd of thirty or forty people waiting for the doors to open. I was very shy and intimidated with the whole thing. Then, Clark, the guy from the coffee shop walked up and I said sadly, "Just how many positions does this company have to offer?" A bit naïve, I know. He just chuckled and told me to relax and everything would be fine.

A few minutes later, we were all ushered into a room where Clark pushed me all the way up to the front row. Before I knew what hit me, this very successful looking man enthusiastically scribbled the figures $64,000 a year on the board. Now, I won't pretend that I really believed earning such an income was possible, but the thought of even a small portion of that brought hope back into my life.

As I stared at the board, my mind was racing between desire and doubt. Images of the old farmhouse danced in my head. I reflected on the days of sweeping dirt through the cracks in the floor and making my way on a dark night to the outhouse 100 yards away. Of rising early on a cold winters morn to build a fire in the potbelly stove. Once again, I glimpsed at the $64,000 number and, instead, saw visions of laughing children as a frightened little girl stepped onto the school bus wearing a dress made of material from a feed sack, which they readily recognized from seeing it on the floor of the local general store. The doubts hovered like massive gray clouds enveloping the tiny spark of hope that financial freedom held for me in that critical moment.

I thought of the many holidays when, well-meaning, church members arrived at the front door with food and toys. I vividly recalled the pain in my mothers face as she put away her pride and humbly expressed her hear-felt gratitude. The thought of being so needy was a terrible thing for her to swallow but, above all, she wanted to give her children a better life. Then flashed the image of my first date plummeting through a rotted board on the front porch as I in my horror, shouted a belated warning. It was as if, in that moment of hope, my life was passing before me.

The $64,000 figure did battle in my mind with the meager $7,000 a year that my Dad had earned to raise a family of seven. Being number five on the list, had only provided me with greater evidence of a doubtful future, as I witnessed the hardships that forced my older brothers and sisters, one by one, to drop out of school and have their dreams fade back into a simple acceptance of the life we were born into. I thought of the attitude displayed by some of my teachers in Jr. High when the said, "Oh, you're one of the King sisters." It was, as if, they thought it useless s to waste their time.

Memory after memory stood guard against the hopes that life could be different. They were the kind of thoughts that rob us of the life we deserve. They are the demons that hide behind each failed attempt to break through. This was the time, when creating a powerful belief, at almost any cost, became imperative. This was indeed a decisive turning point in my life. I had almost lost the $64,000 vision when Clark turned to me and said, "Kelli, you can make this happen if it's really what you want and there's a room full of people here to help you." Those words played like sweet music to my soul, unlike the ones my Mother, in her great effort to protect me from life's disappointments, used to say. And, for a brief moment, I could hear her voice whispering, "Mind you girl, you're getting above your raisins." That's southern for daring to step outside of the status in which you were born.

Before I lost all hope, I quickly turned to Clark and said, Yes, I do want financial success, more than anything I can think of and if you'll loan me a case of product, I promise you that by tomorrow, I'll sell it and return with the money." I'm not certain why he said yes, after all, he knew that I had just arrived in Phoenix and didn't know a single person, but thank heavens he did.

The next day, I had to call on 26 gas stations before I sold the12 bottles of gasoline additive. But, the praise that I received at the meeting that night was just the kind of encouragement required to keep me pressing forward. It was such new experiences to have people tell me that I could have it all. I began to feel a sense of belonging, of being a part of something that could bring good things into my life. I worked hard and hung on every word that the leaders had to say. I didn't argue, I just tried what they said. And, when they would correct me, I just tried to do it better. It was awkward and very unnatural. At times, it even felt phony. But, when those thoughts came, I just kept reminding myself that what was natural had only brought failure to my life, so there must be a reason for me to go through these new steps.

Life was moving forward. I was having all kinds of great success. I had changed my image, I had been invited to travel on the company Lear jet and speak about retailing at one of our meetings. It all seemed too good to be trued and then the company came crashing down. I had placed all of my faith in things outside of myself and there was nothing left. The old memories of lack and failure resurfaced. They haunted my every thought, day and night. Once more they attempted to rob me of my greatness and, once more, I had to choose. This time, however, the fear of returning to the old coupled with the new knowledge was strong enough to force me out on the next limb. So, I chose another MLM company. That next year, at the age of 28, I earned $48,000 and began doing sales training in front of hundreds of distributors.

Then, company number two closed its doors. This time I didn't have the heart to pick up again. So, after three years, I headed home. What I didn't know was that once expansion has occurred, you could never go back. I searched day after day for a job at home, but everywhere I went the income of $48,000 a year only made people leery. They told me I would never be happy with less and they couldn't take a chance. Having only a high school diploma, I found that companies who could afford me wanted a higher education level. I found myself in great despair over future prospects of success.

Kelli de Sante (front row, 3rd from left), age 4 at her parents tobacco farm in South Carolina.

Finally, through yet another set of coincidences, I met a lady from New York who told me that I would be great in cosmetics. She told me that if I would come to New York, she would get me connected with the right people. Two months later I was in business for myself. I successfully ran that company for nine years, all the while remembering the excitement and growth that had taken place in my life during the network marketing days. I thought of the people, the partnerships, the encouragement, the laughter, the travel, all of the advantages that come with such an industry. However, two failed companies made me gun shy. Especially given the level of comfort that my own company was providing. But still, I kept looking. Looking for that right opportunity, right product, and, most of all, right combination of trustworthy people.

Many years and several careers passed before that fated day,when two strangers from the past would share an opportunity that once again would change my life, forever. Those strangers are Dave Dodart and Ted Sellers. Long time friends who had played major roles in teaching me to believe in the magic of life, friends whom I trust completely. Friends who have encouraged me to be the very best I can be and who have held the net as I've walked the high-wire.

In fact, I recall the first words that Ted ever said to me.I'm certain that he had no idea of the impact that those words had, then or now. I had just concluded a presentation to a large group of people and walked to the back of the room where he stood watching. His reputation as a great trainer had been the talk for weeks and I was nervous over his being there. When I approached, he said, "Well with that accent it's obvious that you're from the south, but what I want to know is what New England school you attended." The sense of self-esteem that I felt in that moment has lived with me always. Anytime my doubts about not having a college degree haunted me, I would think of Ted and get a warm feeling of acceptance.

So, in August of 1995, the phone rang and Dave and Ted were on the other end, I was delighted. That is, until Dave told me that the flagship product for his new company was going to be a nutritional supplement. I teased him and asked what had taken them four years of searching to come up with a nutritional product, when vitamins were a dime a dozen. Dave told me I didn't understand. I responded, "Obviously!"

Now, I'm not saying that there aren't a lot of great things out there, the problem was, I had no interest in selling any of them. There are so many Network Marketing companies with vitamins that the competition is a killer. I rather like something unique and different. The idea of going around and convincing people that my company or product was better, had little appeal to me.

One of the things that I had learned along the way in life, was to maximize the return on my time by becoming involved in something that eight out of ten people can easily say yet to when give the right information. And, at first glance, nutrition didn't seem to fit the bill. But, Dave and Ted were persuasive. I started taking the product and two weeks later a nine month old sinus infection subsided and, for the first time in life, I began to know what if felt like to actually breath.

Kelli de Sante standing between her business car (right), and her favorite personal car (left) in front of her home office in San Juan Capistrano.

Then, as I began to understand that we had no competition for what this product would do, I though, well 50% of America has sinus and allergy problems and if Nature's Biotics only worked for them, that market was big enough for me. In fact, deep down I knew they would never invest in just another vitamin.

Then a few of my friends with more severe conditions reported some rather amazing improvements. Within weeks, I had resigned from a corporate vice-presidential position of another international network marketing company, turned down an executive position with LIFE SCIENCE PRODUCTS, INC., and instead, signed up, purchased my first case of Nature's Biotics, and began immediately to build a downline. Their marketing plan was so inviting that I honestly believed it possible to replace my monthly income, within six months. The fourth month in the business, my commission check was $12,852.10. Now, after just one year, I have created over $1,000,000 monthly group volume, have thousands of people in my downline, and will earn well over six figures by years-end, the highest annual income of my career. Compared to seasoned top money earners in the industry, this may not sound like much, but I learned a long time ago to only judge my success based on the vantage point from which I came. To do otherwise, will never allow you to give yourself the credit you deserve. And for me, to come from a family income of $7,000 a year to support a family of 9, in my books this journey has been a long one.

All of the income is exciting, but the greatest part of this is the fact that each day I can hold my head high and proudly recommend a product that I know will change the health of those who choose it. I get to enjoy training and coaching others who are just beginning their journey out of the darkness. I receive calls from elderly people, whom I have helped to build enough of a downline bonus, that affording the product is no longer an issue. I watch people who, for the first time, because of the marketing plan, are beginning to earn a respectable network marketing income. All of these "dreams come true," and much more, has been made available through LIFE SCIENCE PRODUCTS.

In conclusion, please let me say that my wish for each of you is that you live a life filled with love, peace, joy, and abundance.Sometimes it is so very difficult to see beyond the darkness, but if you will create something for yourself daily that you can focus on and work toward, your small successes will one day evolve into the life that you once had dreams of. Be gentle on yourself, for only self-love will have you believe that you deserve such greatness. God Bless!