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What are SBO's?
(Soil Based Organisms)

SBOs are beneficial strains of friendly soil borne bacteria (also referred to as soil based). For thousands of years these essential friendly bacteria (now called Probiotics) were a part of our daily “farm to table” diets and our natural gut flora. The American agricultural system produced organic fruits and vegetables in soil exceedingly rich in these friendly bacteria and other beneficial organisms, until about the mid-1900s. After World War II, these soil-based organisms were eliminated as a result of pesticides and other chemical usage by big agricultural businesses. In their quest to reduce unwanted “disease-causing” pathogens, they sterilized the soil and the water (via chlorination), thereby ridding the soil of both friendly bacteria, as well as, the harmful ones — forever changing the balance of nature and that of our gastrointestinal tract.

SBOs Are a Critical Missing Link to a Strong Immune System and Gut Health —*

As the practice of sterilization of our soil and water increased over the years, the beneficial bacteria in Americans’ bodies decreased rapidly and dramatically. Our normal microbial balance of friendly vs. unfriendly should be about 85 percent “good” bacteria to 15 percent “bad” ones in the intestinal tract. Today most of us show exactly the reverse ratio; leading to heightened incidences of a wide variety of chronic and degenerative diseases since World War II. Stripped of the natural gut protection of SBOs (natural Probiotics) in our food source coupled with active lifestyles among Western industrialized countries has contributed greatly to critical gastrointestinal disruption among the populations. Add to this, overuse of Antibiotics, excessive consumption of sugar and alcohol, regular drinking of carbonated beverages, and frequent use of “over-the-counter” drugs; and not only do we have an imbalance of friendly vs. unfriendly bacteria in the gut, we also have an imbalance in acid vs. alkaline

These imbalances have created the perfect environment for pathogenic microbial activity and opened the door to 90 percent of known systemic diseases which nutritional researchers say may be caused or exacerbated by these gastrointestinal imbalances.*

Today, 90% of the food found in the grocery stores and most restaurants has been chemically farmed and/or prepared, a process which has destroyed any hope that consumers may have of obtaining the critical, life-sustaining, protective support that SBOs once offered. When these friendly organisms were ingested on a regular bases as a natural part of our daily food source, they would act as a buffer to safeguard the natural balance of intestinal flora while providing a wide variety of other critical health benefits, such as:

  • SBO’s work to break down hydrocarbons -a unique ability to split food into its most basic elements, allowing for improved absorption through the digestive system. This helps to enhance cellular growth and development. *
  • SBO’s produce specific proteins that act as antigens.These antigens help to stimulate and strengthen the immune system by producing a reserve of natural antibodies that are un-coded and stand ready to defend the body against unfriendly invaders.*
  • SBO’s work in symbiosis with somatic (tissue and organ) cells to metabolize proteins and help eliminate toxic waste.*
  • SBO’s produce a potent antioxidant enzyme called “Super Oxide Dismutase” that acts as a super scavenger to defend against free radicals (free radicals will attack any molecule in the body creating organ and tissue damage.) *
  • SBO’s are extremely effective in supporting the body in its fight against pathological molds, yeast, fungi, and viruses.*
Soil-Borne Organisms — as Old as Life on Earth

the age-old immuno-stimulating actions of SBOs are the crucial missing elements necessary to address many issues resulting from gastrointestinal imbalances.*

BODY BIOTICS™ Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia with Prebiotics, provides the perfect solution for this missing link. Having collaborated for five years with professors from leading California universities, we have perfected a process for selectively breeding superior strains of microorganisms from Probiotics Consortia found in the soil. Our Bio-Identical, custom cultured, naturally blend of SBO Prebiotics/Probiotics replace the beneficial friendly soil bacteria that have “gone missing” from today’s food supply; producing positive body reactions such as more satisfying bowel movements, improved sleep patterns, fewer colds and flu, and greater amounts of energy.

Neither, the formulator or his collaborators have ever made any changes to the soil borne bacteria by mutation, synthesizing or any other means. The SBOs in BODY BIOTICS are as pure as nature and as old as the Earth.

In our product capsule is a culture of specifically selected microorganisms incorporated in their ancestral food source of Humic and Fulvic acids which provides the perfect growth medium. When in contact with aqueous solutions of any type, such as, purified water, juice and even body fluids, the SBOs begin reproducing and ingest their host medium to form a protein biomass for the organisms’ proper functions. By use of this unpatented but secret process, the SBOs are kept in a dormant state within their black storage powder until they become activated as a result of their introduction into an aqueous solution.

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In Summary:

For optimal health and wellness, we recommend these BODY BIOTICS products formulated to address the core essentials that everyone needs on a daily bases to create harmony, balance the body and restore optimal health. Our daily essentials including; Aloe PURE™ for gentle detoxification and cleansing,pH PERFECT™ for acid/alkaline pH balancing, BODY BIOTICS™ for improved immune health through the daily production of your own natural antibodies and increased friendly flora for greater intestinal health; and LIFE’S GREEN ESSENTIAS™ for the ultimate whole food nutritional support.